The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious (Author Interview)

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview and share with our readers about your work and efforts as a humanitarian. Please introduce yourself. Who is Delia Keane?

Thank you, for this exposure. I am privileged to reach out to all my readers, more personally rather than through books. Let’s take Delia as a third person, I believe our worldly identities are not who we really are inside. Delia is a charming 43 old girl. She grew up in London and now she lives in a horse farm that’s also a wellness centre in Ireland. Delia loves everything that has a consciousness, we commonly understand it as life , especially animals. She is blessed with a beautiful 10 year old daughter , Savannah . Everything in this world is connected to each other, and without each other’s help and support, life wouldn’t exist in the Universe. In this context Delia is so blessed to have the ability to read the intricacies of problematic minds of people and help them to extirpate the tiniest roots that is the cause of the biggest problem in their life. After that Delia then helps them to rejuvenate their innate vivacity of their sub conscious mind that brings them into the state of everlasting peace and harmony.

Tell us about your childhood. How was life for you growing up?

As I have already told. I grew up in London. An urbanised crowd observing each other’s pace more than they look at their own face into the mirror. I was a happy lone ranger. This gave me time to see the deeper aspects of things around me. The time was slow for me because I wasn’t spending time looking at other’s plates rather than enjoying with gratitude , my own plate of Wonderfull dishes. I was always in the abundant part of my mind as I could see so many things happening beautifully around me. There was always a connection that guided me thought my life. So, imagine if your connection helped you save time, money and stay safe? Your heightened intuition will then speak to you throughout the day and in your dreams and it's endlessly helpful. It's also very fun! You will have an easier time knowing what someone's intentions are and why they are acting a certain way so you don't take things personal. So, this inculcated in me the power of healing that with the span of time grew stronger and here I am today.

How did your life’s work as a healer begin?

I never thought about this world as a world full of problems. I was always in a blissful state of gratitude and abundance. It started when some of my friends, relatives and co-workers came to me and asked about my coolness. Well, for them I was a quite a cool person. That was the time when I realised that people are so innocent to understand the true cause of their biggest problems , and that in fact is so tiny that they’ve almost abandoned it but to remain active and alive in one unrealised corner of their mind. It was easier for me to find it, clean it, and accept it in the form of a better cause and highlight it with positive vibrations that will result in your external characteristics and surroundings. The depth of your relationships will never stay on the surface again after you commit to the path of your soul. Imagine being able to share your feelings with coworkers and by the nature of your work, the type of people you will attract will shift. The world is a mirror of the energy we project . So I got a motive in my life , a work that provides me with immense happiness and my life got a new meaningful work of a healer.

On some levels, the idea of healing and being a healer can fall into an array of ideas. What is your definition of being a healer?

A healer is not a person who can heal others’ wounds. Imagine you have a wound on your body. As a doctor, I only help you by giving you antibiotics, that goes inside your body, become a part of your body and then fight with anything that originally doesn’t belong to your body and throws it out dead or kills it. Having that done, you body further generates the immune system for that particular type of wound which can never make your body sick again. So exactly that’s the job what a healer does. These array of ideas are like different kinds of antibiotics and medications. Although the composition should the be same , the dosage of each ingredient varies depending on the type of the sickness. So, my definition of being a healer is the ability to conduct diagnosis of a problematic mind. A healer is more of a reader than a doer.

As a healer, what are some of the services that you provide to the general public?

It depends on how many problems do you have in your life. All the problems in your life are caused by none other than you yourself. So my services include every region of life where you have problems. Well if you want to name some common ones then I can say I help people to develop a feeling of gratitude, compassion, happiness in their meaningful relationships, work environments, growth as in both spiritual and physical, etc.

You are also a noted author, specifically on topics that engage the cultivation of the subconscious mind. I first wanted to ask if your work was relative to some of the concepts put forth by Dr. Joseph Murphy in his book The Power of the Subconscious Mind and how when did your studies on this topic begin?

When you are on the path of cultivating the roots of your subconscious mind, you become immensely curious about every smallest thing around you. Thats the time when your vibrations rise to the level, where you do not wait for anything to happen, but you just make it happen. In this conquest of the divine force, you are always seeking such subjects that help you understand the process in a better way. So, yes, of course, the works of Dr. Joseph Murphy did help me a lot. As I have already answered earlier, my studies on this topic had begun years ago right from my childhood. Just that the methodology became more intense and intellectual when I started reading the books of great healers and authors.

Tell us about your new book The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious. What inspired you to write such fine work?

As you change your vibration, you have the ability to help people on a level that many people cannot. Your services are directly needed for those with stressful lives. You will find many blessings that show up in miraculous ways as you dedicate to your path and commit to your personally positive mental and physical state. You will have a connection to your guides that provides support that you can call on. This is hard for people to believe but it's true. Many things suddenly open up inside you. Its like a hidden aura suddenly lights up inside you and you go to a state of euphoria. The only difference is that this time you know that its for real. All these experiences, and how to gain those, and what will happen after you gain those, these are all the things my Book The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious is all about. 

You can say the support from the spirit inspired me to write this book.

In what ways is The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious different from the previous title that you authored The Sorceress: The Power of the Quantum Healing?

My previous book focuses more on defining the existence of what we all do not believe, see, or feel. The book defines the infinity of space that exists inside us and the power of it. Whenever somebody says Power,” they think it as a possession of something supernatural or extraterrestrial. Well, just think deeply about the definition of power that you hold as of now, and your weakness you regret and complain about. If something can change your weakness into your power, doesnt this define that particular thing as a power? My previous book defines this, and my 2nd book works on the ways on how to achieve that as by now you already have known and believed that somethings do exist. So, its the time to bring that existence in you.

What has been some of the feedback that you have received from your people who have read your books and individuals that youve worked with?

I do not focus on the feedbacks, cause then it stands me on the edge of prejudice. I cannot be both impartial and partial cause both the words contradict each other. Precisely I do not want to put my mind in the state of contradiction. As I love this whole world with compassion, I cannot expect the same because then I will become selfish. 

Many people have read my books and they do suggest others, so I think that must have worked well for them. 

What is one of the priceless life lessons that you have learned since setting foot on the path of being a spiritualist?

One of the most priceless life lessons I have learned is that all the life you hunt for happiness in the external things or situations and conditions in the outer world. When you are born you do not have teeth to chew, so you are given milk from the breast of your mother. When you grow up there is the whole world to give you food. So happiness is innate in you. You do not have to search for it. It was there inside you, It is there and it will be always. You have just covered it with the veil of oblivion.

In your own personal life, how has your relationships with family and friends evolved?

Its magical. Your whole perception of this world changes. You start seeking an inbuilt connection with every other little thing in this world. We only suffer in relationships, because we think theyre not us and they can never become one. This is because you cant feel them and they do not have any importance in your personal growth. Just imagine a small pebble on the ground. Do you have a connection with that pebble? You will say no, cause its not a living thing. Now just think about your hair and nails. When you cut them, you do not feel the pain. Also, you cannot feel them grow thick or thin. Does that mean that its not a living thing? Its a part of your body, you are connected to it. So likewise, imagine if all the pebbles and stones in the world vanish, do you think the world can hold itself? There will be no life in this world. So your life is connected to even a small pebble. It is there because of you and you are here because of it. With the same thought, not only with my family but my relationships with the whole world have evolved. I do not prioritize my love and compassion with my family, I just prioritize my reach to do my duty. As I am nearest to my family my duty reaches them first. 

In what ways has motherhood been an aid in your work as a healer?

Wow! Its one of the most Wonderfull spiritual assessments of life. Imagine a life coming out of life. You see a huge tree and wonder What a big tree?”, but when you think deeper, that huge tree once came out as a tiny shoot as thin and small as a hair from a tiny seed. We only praise and look out for bigger things, but the origin of everything in this world is so small that you cannot even see it with your naked eyes. So, being a mother you realize the origin of everything in this world. That is one important milestone of self-realization in the way to obtaining spirituality.

Do you subscribe to any specific religious belief?

I do not know what you mean by Religious belief”. People who believe in god, they name it by their perception which they name as their religion. People who do not believe in God have their perception authenticated by facts and facets that they call science. One belief claims the existence of an omnipotent and the other claims the existence of a formula, formula of a dictionary word Probability”. There is again a contradiction. When you have your own belief on something, why do you want to make a fuss about it? Do you want other people to help you authenticate your belief? If thats the case then you are doubting your own belief. Why are you expressing your weakness of mindfulness to others? I think you got my answer.

How important is care for our physical bodies in relationship to our spiritual growth?

You cannot visualize anything right if your senses havent grasped it the right way. Even when people talk about their intuition, that too is born out of physical experiences of the other 5 senses. That means even your 6th sense cant exist without your other 5 senses. Your other 5 senses together are your physical body. Any kind of problem in your body will interrupt the efficiency of these senses that will further hinder your spiritual growth. So I would say that it is your primary source and you should spiritually grow together with your physical body.

What can we expect to hear from Delia Keane in the near future? Any final thoughts? 

I havent yet though so far but with my present moment, I sometimes get a glimpse of me conveying my deeper understating of spirituality to the world.

Hello, fellow spiritualists!

My name is Delia Keane and I am a visionary energy healer, an accomplished quantum physics author, a passionate philanthropist & animal rights activist, a keynote speaker, a part-time artist and a dynamic CBD enthusiast. I know that’s a lot, but I’m a diversified creative genius! Most importantly though, I’m a happy role-model mother of my beautiful 10-year-old girl, Savannah. My family is everything to me and I am proud that Savannah shares my passion for cooking and writing.

Arts have been my passion since I went to college at Gaiety School of Acting. From there, I have modeled, acted, written poetry, performed theatre and even managed my own bands. My creative side makes me who I am and you can find all this information on Wikipedia page (coming soon).

I have an upcoming book on reprogramming your subconscious and kinesiology where I highlight my own to enlightenment and how YOU can achieve it too. My passion and expertise in these fields will let me guide you to the right path of life. Although I spend a lot of time improving myself and my surroundings, I love nothing more than connecting with my followers and audience.

I educate people about spirituality and positive energy healing. My goal is to help them reprogram their subconscious to enjoy a better, more energetic and aware life. In this regard, I use CBD products (check them out @letsgetbaked and to keep me flying high and recommend these products to optimize the body and mind. This will let you enjoy the active and stressful lives that you deserve!

That’s all about me, friends.
Looking forward to connecting with you!


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