The Game With No Name (JITTERS Book 2) (Publication Review)

The Game With No Name
L.G. Cunningham
HUGEOrange Publication Review and Editor’s Pick Award Winner for 2020

One of the better middle grade/young adult novels I have read in a long time.  The author is a master at a spooky thrill ride like those seen in classics such as Goosebumps.
It’s a good mix of fun and scares, creative and brings along some unique twists.  While it’s age-appropriate and perfect for middle grade and up, many adults would also relate and love it. 
If you have a kid that loves an adventure book with some fun and scary scenes or are an adult that just loves well written spooky stories, this is a sure bet.
L.G. Cunningham is a fantastic writer.  The story is full of well laid out scenes that keep the tension and suspension just out of reach on the next page.  The author has a short, rhythmic way of writing that keeps the pace fast and smooth, making it the type of book you won’t want to put down.
Clink. Clink. Clink.
The unmistakable sound of the dishes being washed. 
I could hear Mom hum a familiar tune. Sounds of the real world.
We were back in the dusty living room, sprawled by the low table, breathing heavily, hearts pumping. 
I swung my head from side to side, expecting to see the grinning skeleton or a pale boy lurking in the corner shadows. But no, we were very much alone.
The book is on the longer side for similar genre books, but it reads fast and I found it hard to put down.  The characters are well developed and relatable for the intended target audience.  Highly recommended for all ages.