Heir of the Hunted (Hollow World Book 1)


 CIPA EVVY Award Runner-up for Fiction/ Fantasy

Readers' Favorite Award Finalist for Epic Fantasy

Radyn likes to juggle blades and sleep beneath the stars. But when dark clerics slaughter his circus family and kidnap his foster father, his life is shattered. As he brushes aside his pain for a daring rescue attempt, Radyn has no idea that an ancient prophecy of a forgotten god has made him the real target.

Kyna is eager to prove herself within the mystical Alakyte order. When her magic shockingly fails far from home, she uncovers a deadly conspiracy. The primordial barrier to the underworld is being destroyed. Hordes of voiceless holy men gather in the Rolwood Forest, harbingers of their masters’ release. Acting against orders, Kyna takes on the enemy with the help of an orphaned acrobat who might just be the key to saving the world.

Aided by a surly demigod, the unlikely duo must find a way to stop an ancient evil from taking down mankind’s last magical defense. Can Radyn and Kyna fend off the darkness before the Hollow World awakens?

Heir of the Hunted is the first book in the thrilling Hollow World epic fantasy series. If you like unconventional heroes and fast-paced adventures, then you’ll love Richard T. Drake’s action-packed novel.

“Will wow readers and make them dream of dark gods and unusual heroes.” —Readers’ Favorite

“Any lover of fantasy will find this new series entertaining.” —The Road Trip Writer

“Brought me something totally new and fresh and yet still familiar in my fantasy world. Loved it!” —Amazon Reviewer

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