Liberty Bound (Publication Review)

Liberty Bound by Nathaniel M Wrey

HUGEOrange Publication Review and winner of the Editor’s Pick Award



I love future apocalyptic sci-fi and Liberty Bound does a great job of getting me out of my everyday life and into a decimated world set thousands of years in the future with few people and resources. Finbarl, the main character, is well rounded and someone the reader can get behind.  If you enjoy books by George Orwell or Phillip K Dick, this would be the perfect addition to your favorites.  

The characters are sinister and the author adds the appropriate tension and ambiance to their dialog and settings.

“Definitely, Wardyn!” declared Finbarl.

“Good,” said Hradbar, the one word demonstrating another difference between himself and his father. “The accused’s name is Aminatra-gula. I believe you met her this morning?”

Finbarl’s heart and mouth dropped as one, as all those around the table grinned at their fait accompli.

“Excellent!” said Governor Elbar.


It’s not long before Finbarl is thrown into adventure and although there are some slow scenes, they do well to build the tension and world around Finbarl, who protects the last city, Athenia, from a group of creatures hellbent on the city’s destruction.  


As with many great science fiction books, there is a reflection on the modern world and hidden nods to today throughout.  It’s brilliant and the author does well keeping the reader guessing and flipping the story throughout.  


It’s a unique and creative world.  Rich with everything you would want from a science fiction dystopian book. No spoilers, but as of the writing of this review, there isn’t a sequel, but the book leaves that door open while providing a solid ending.  


If you enjoy books that question freedom with in-depth sci-fi adventure and excellent writing, check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.