Live Well With Allergies (Author Interview)


Live Well with Allergies looks like an informative guide.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Live Well with Allergies is not a cure for allergies or asthma, but a way to manage so you have less symptoms.      


What inspired you to write Live Well with Allergies?   

I wanted to share my own experiences and the steps it took to get to a good place! I figured others who suffer from allergies and asthma could benefit from some of the things that I learned.  

Tell me more about your own experience with allergies and asthma.

I grew up suffering with debilitating allergies and asthma appeared as an adult.  My first encounter with asthma was when I was hiking with friends near Mount Rainier. I experienced shortness of breath, which was odd because I was in good shape and exercised daily.

After more episodes, I visited the allergist who confirmed asthma and gave me a preventive inhaler and instructed me to use it twice a day. I argued with reality, and believed that having asthma was not possible, so I ignored him. After suffering through more scary episodes, I gave in and started using my daily and emergency inhalers and in a couple of weeks, I found relief and breathing became easier, but I wasn’t out of the woods.

Still suffering with allergies and asthma, I researched possibilities beyond inhalers and through trial and error, discovered what worked and what didn’t and documented it.  Advanced planning for allergies in the home, as well as away from home, was the key to feeling better, and I’m so much better now!

Was anything particularly challenging about writing Live Well with Allergies?

I’ve written four books and each one has its challenges, because I didn’t want to leave anything out that I found helpful.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

Managing allergies is just part of my daily healthy living plan, I also eat nutrient rich foods, exercise daily, keep stress low, socialize, and stay productive. I strongly believe in a preventive approach to wellness (Integrative Medicine) as opposed to traditional medicine, which treats disease. Whenever I suffer from health-related issues, I document the details and use my own experiences to help others who are struggling and ready to make a positive change.   

In addition to writing books, I am a certified life coach and blogger, and enjoy spending time with family, friends and animals!


Where can readers find out more about your work?