Some People Will Some People Won't (Author Interview)

Some People Will, Some People Won’t looks like a great motivational book.  Can you tell us a little about it?


This book is the sum of what I’ve learned from the old me. It is the story of my transformation. From worthless loser to creative entrepreneur. We all go through rough periods in our lives. We learn and come out stronger from them. I’m just sharing mine with advice along the way for you to identify to it and overcome your dark times. Although, this book isn’t made for the faint of heart. I’m literally talking you down the whole book. Nahh, it’s not that bad! It is not a mean book, though! Simply an in-your-face speech to overcome your nonsense mindset, wake the hell up & live a better life! You won’t regret it! I’m not even expecting to make money off this book, it just needed to come out of my system and it would mean the world to me if it could help you get through a rough period of your life.


How long did it take you to write Some People Will, Some People Won’t?


It took around a week! It really needed to come out of my system. I’m used to writing screenplays for TV and Films and most of the time ideas could literally float in the back of my brain for months before I hit a single key, then, out of nowhere, I would just write all of it super-fast. That’s what happened with the writing of this book. So yeah, it took around 7 days. Like, non-stop writing days fueled with coffee!


What inspired you when writing Some People Will, Some People Won’t?   


Things that made me learn the hard way and how I overcame the nonsense mindset I was in a couple years back. Having transformed myself on the span of a year and inspired many people around me to also change their life made me want to write my story down. I thought that I could at least try to help one more person on this planet. My story isn’t an epic tale of a soldier such as Rambo. I’m a normal guy like you. Anyway, what does being a normal guy means? Back to earth. In sum,


What will readers get out of your book?


The cold hard truth. Well, my take on it! I’m not god, I don’t have the holy truth, but this is my take on self-help books. This is basically the speech I would’ve like to have when I was at rock-bottom. There’s either 2 outcomes of you reading this book. First, you end up offended, you don’t like the book and hate my way of writing and narrating, or second, it helps you wake the hell up & live a better life! I really think this book can help anybody willing to self-help. Anybody who’s seriously willing to move forward in life and overcome their nonsense mindset


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Some People Will, Some People Won’t?


I wondered many times if I was “too much” about it. Was I going too far? I was wondering, because this book is not a pat on the back. It is the cold hard truth. Truth hurts sometimes so, I just told myself to go all-in. I’m a very direct person in life and the book shows. The book isn’t “mean”, it’s just that truth hurts sometimes, but we must face it, there’s no other way! So, I said to myself to let it all out the way it is supposed to. No regrets!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?


My name is Frank Romeo, I am 27 years old during the time of writing of this interview. I am a creative entrepreneur. I am an actor, screenwriter, music composer and author now, I guess! I’m a fervent believer that all we have in life is time. So don’t waste it! Thus, since I’ve embarked on my self-improvement journey and getting on the path of my dreams, I want to help as many people as I can to embark on their self-improvement journey and follow their dreams! We are all endless works-in-progress, so become the better version of yourself today!


Where can readers find out more about your work?


My official website, I mostly post articles about mindset, motivation, entrepreneurial stuff, etc.


I’ve also created a community of positive like-minded people on Facebook, here’s the link.


Of just hit me up on Facebook! Frank Romeo is the name!



Reviews examples:


-         Must Read: Definitely a must read! Everyone who’s interested in self-development should have this book on their shelf!

-         Awesome Book: Straight to the point! Very good book!

-          Motivational: Super motivating and I loved it. One of those books you read twice.

-          Outstanding: A very good book loaded with stories from the author and highlighting the principles he puts forward by which someone should follow in order to wake the hell up and live a better life. Will definitely read this book multiple times!

-          Fun and 100% real: Fun and 100% real! I had the feeling that the author was speaking to me through the pages of this book. I felt touched by what Frank Romeo shares. I recommend this book to all my friends who need a little push to get ahead in life.





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