Amazing Master Bathroom (Author Interview)

Your book looks like a great guide to improving your bathroom.  Can you tell us a little more about the fountain faucet?

We use our bathroom faucets multiple times a day, but they were not designed to meet our needs. The downward flow from the faucet makes it difficult to get a drink, rinse after brushing teeth, or to wash your face without cupping hands and splashing water over the counter, while chronic health conditions like arthritis, spinal cord injury, or vertigo can make using it even harder. Using glasses that don’t get washed often is unsanitary, and disposable cups pollute our environment.

Today people use their bathroom sink for a variety of functions. Current uses are to drink water, wash your face, shave, brush your teeth, eye wash, etc. To do this people cup their hands, use a glass or disposable cup, or crane their head under the faucet. Sticking your head under the faucet is uncomfortable, drinking glasses in the bathroom collect germs, and cupping your hands to wash your face results in water splashing on the counter. 

The Nasoni Fountain Faucet is the patented combination of a bathroom faucet and a water fountain, which brings the functionality of a water fountain to the bathroom.

Simply rotate the fountain lever to turn off the downward flow and create a water fountain to:

  1. Get a drink of water
  2. Take a pill or vitamin
  3. Rinse after brushing teeth
  4. Rinse shaving cream 
  5. Rinse facial cleanser / wash face
  6. Use it as an eyewash, particularly helpful during allergy season
  7. Give hair a light rinse
  8. Fill a water bottle or other item that traditionally won’t fit under a faucet
  9. Simultaneously save water to benefit the planet 


How were the examples and images taken in the book?

There can be several reasons for remodeling your bathroom – some may be as simple as you’re not happy with how it is.  It may have been many years since it was built or last renovated and is outdated. Or maybe it was designed to meet the needs of someone else, and now needs more storage space.  Or, perhaps circumstances dictate a remodel, such as the desire to improve efficiency and sustainability.

So the examples and images taken in the book were selected to improving your quality of life and finally getting the master bathroom you deserve, or simply creating an eco-friendlier home.

What will readers get out of your book?

A gorgeous and well-designed, dreamy master bathroom can become a wonderful sanctuary to relax and unwind after a long day and treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care. Indeed, there is nothing better than enjoying a well-thought-out and flawless bathroom space where every feature has been designed to make you feel re-energized and rejuvenated. After all, harmoniously combined colors, patterns, and textures can genuinely elevate a room, giving it a relaxing and soothing feel and trigger wonderful emotions.

What’s more, soaking in a warm bath knowing your bathroom has been carefully crafted with sustainable features such as a water-saving faucet to save precious resources gives you peace of mind you’re protecting the planet. This can, in turn, help significantly improve your emotional wellbeing.

Therefore, having a dreamy master bathroom is about more than gorgeous design; it’s about taking a holistic approach to wellness incorporating powerful, functional, and amazing designs into your life to help you thrive as a human being. And this book will help you learn ways to create your own bathroom sanctuary.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing and designing the book?

The bathroom is one of the rooms that gets old faster, and it was our goal in writing this book to put together a great collection of inspirational images and concepts that can help people get the kind of bathroom design that can help improve their wellbeing and provide all the inspiration needed to get started in the right direction. It took a while to put together such a great collection of quality, inspirational images and ideas.


Can you tell us a little about your website

I spent 25 years building nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines, the best ships in the world. One day after being tired of craning my neck under the faucet to rinse after brushing, I happened across a video of the nasone fountains of Rome, Italy.  In it, two girls were watering their dog at a street fountain on a cobblestone street. Before taking a drink themselves, they covered the downspout with their hand to send a fountain of water arcing out of the top and into their mouths. I was mesmerized: with one simple action the faucet became a water fountain. And that was when the spark of inspiration fired inside me: why aren’t all bathroom faucets like this? And that became the inspiration behind Nasoni’s award-winning fountain faucets, and the website,


Here are some reviews from our site that are fun to read, and the text in RED below is particularly important to read. All of our reviews for our faucets on Amazon, Google and our site are 5 star reviews.


Gil M.02/07/2021

Greatest Faucet of all time!

Literally, the greatest faucet ever created. Ordered one for my son’s bathroom so we could throw away his germ infested water cup. Not only did it help improve the hygiene factor but he uses the fountain to shave and wash his face. Eliminates the 8 gallons of water splash everywhere (he is a teenager) that used to occur when he washed his face. Works perfectly and at full pressure, still keeps the fountain in the confines of the sink. It is really a game changer; it fact, I just ordered three more!


Kelly Perry05/23/2021

Genius Faucet

Our Nasoni Faucet is finally installed and we just love it!
It’s a genius idea having a fountain in a faucet that provides filtered water.
The quality of Nasoni is outstanding.
It’s a Goldilocks faucet. It’s just right in every way. Solid and beautiful.



NPS score:

Likes: I got it on SALE!!!



I received my DaVinci faucet early March.
We installed it ourselves. It was pretty straight-forward [enough], since we had the right tools.


Compared to the previous faucet (a pretty decent Moen), the DaVinci looked and felt much more sturdy, solid, and higher quality.
The previous faucet was completely "open" on the bottom; that is, you could flip it over and see in insides of the faucet.
The DaVinci did not have this opening. It was completely sealed. The DaVinci was "virtually* a solid piece of metal (not literally, but once you see it, you'll understand).
The DaVinci didn't feel like it would break, nor did it seem like water would "get somewhere" either inside or underneath and cause unseen mildew or something.


Actual Use:
After a good month or so of use, I've found that while the fountain feature didn't "totally" transform my regimen/habits into the new age *chuckle*, it did make the usual tooth brushing more hygienic and "proper". *holding wine glass with pinky raised....sip*
I did get the 'chance' to rinse my eyes, which was indeed quicker and cleaner than using my hands.
I also noticed that I didn't have to turn the faucet handle a full 90-degrees in order to get adequate water pressure. I could get enough pressure from what seemed like a mere 25-degree twist of the handle. Considering that the max gpm on this thing is about 1.2, I figure I'm saving some water here as well.


I got the Satin Nickel finish.

It looks really good. It has a subtle gold hue to it, which I like.
The size of the faucet is ...well, it has this elegant 'bulk' to it. It's not small, but not HUGE. Size-wise, it's the "Mercedes E-Class"...versus a small C-Class or the big S-Class.

You'll definitely be inspired to upgrade other fixtures and such in the bathroom once this thing shows up on the sink.