Ascension by Orbe Zulu

Along with happiness and joys, life is also full of traumatic events that shape our personalities throughout time. It is important to identify and resolve these things to move on and to develop a better personality. This journal helps you identify and resolve deep-rooted problems.

It informs that identifying your traumas and troubles is important to bring a change in your life. Once you recognize the source of your pain, it gets a lot easier to cope and heal because those bad experiences greatly impact not only us but how we connect with others as well.

The journal suggests many redeeming ways to take control of your life. It is considerately designed to help you embrace your true self, help you simplify your life, and eventually take control of your life.

The exercises suggested by the author are thoughtfully designed to help people struggling with depression, trauma, and life in general. It delivers realistic and dependable solutions for everyone willing to bring a positive change in their lives. Doing the suggested exercises that mostly urge you to write down your honest and pure thoughts about your true self can be therapeutic and life-changing.

In the chaos of life, we almost forget about ourselves, our happiness, and the people around us. This journal delivers great insight into life experiences, their impact on the human mind, and how certain ordeals can transform a person’s life and personality. Loving your true self is difficult but you must love yourself first to be able to give love and happiness to others.

The author has also mentioned the importance of gratitude. A lot of times we do not realize how gifted and privileged we are. This journal urges you to think and note down the smallest things you are thankful for in your life and once you realize how blessed you are, it helps you develop a better version of yourself. Moreover, any negative thing that blocks your emotional, spiritual growth should be weeded out from your life no matter how important you think it is. Cleansing is important for the process of healing to begin.

This journal helps you recognize the traumatic events of your life, provides solutions, and urges you to set aims in your life so your life is a constant and positive journey towards success, fulfillment, and inner-peace.

Overall, this is a great read to make you understand the ideas of self, purpose, self-love, and self-sufficiency to gain peace of mind and a content life full of happiness.