Taming the Debater Within


We all have a voice inside of our heads. Self-critical, stopping us from enjoying the moment, dragging us into self-doubt, regret, or guilt. Understand this voice and exactly how to overcome it.

Taming the Debater Within is a short story with incredible illustrations explaining the Who, What, and Why of our Debater Within, helping us become the best version of ourselves, and guiding us to a more happy, fulfilling, and stress-free life.

Meet the Creators

Dr. Peter Reznik is a globally-known expert in helping people achieve mental, emotional, and physical well-being, with 40+ years of experience in holistic health, mind-body therapy and social work, two books, a YouTube series, and a radio show.

Mara Ungurean is a gifted 20-year old visual artist from Romania. She currently studies Design for Art Direction at the University of the Arts London. Mara experiments with a variety of artistic projects, turning visions into beautiful, authentic art.