The Vibrating Pond

The Vibrating Pond is a collection of fiction pieces written  over  forty years. The phrase , ' The Vibrating Pond', while having strong affiliations with Britain and America,  derives first from a poem  from my book of  poetry titled The Hammer Bird, published in 1985.
Slow Silences
Rings Singing;
Soft Pond,
Vibrating vision.
Fly ecstasy,
Shimmering sky;
Green wings,
Eternal blue.
River Deben is not a short story, but is my  own observations,  compiled in diary form, dated 1999.  The first six fiction works  titled: River Deben, My  First Day At School, A Winter's Tale, A Dog's Life and The Isle Of Halvos,  are pre-2000. The five remaining, Wolf Pack, Bolip^e, Black Caymen Egwah, V W Vet, Claymore's Rattle, and Helter Skelter,
were written 2014 -15.