Port Royal (Pirate's Life Book 2)



1690 . . . Nick Pearson has reached the Caribbean pirate hang-out city of Port Royal. There he has become part of a treacherous network of thieves and criminals whose interconnections reach from the lowest to the highest strata of society. Where Nick only tasted high-seas crime and intrigue in the first novel in the series, A Pirate Born, now he experiences the full power and scale of piracy.

When the crew of the Tetrarch attack a small village purported to have treasure, they encounter a strange scene that suggests that villagers know pirates are coming to attack. Then, when a swordsman steps forward to challenge Nick to a duel, things grow stranger still. The plot thickens when word comes that another ship has met with similar experiences--surprisingly, this ship actually has a Spanish name, the San Miguel, and its captain is more surprising still.

Under the watchful eye of his mentor, Leesh, Nick continues to learn the ways of piracy. He meets new people, too, including women who threaten to take Sarah's place in his heart. Meanwhile, Governor William O'Brien of Port Royal and Special Counselor to the President of the West Indies, Don Diego, plot against each other in a high-stakes international game. Also attempting to work the system for his own gain is the greedy cut-throat, Hector, who relies on the aid of a mysterious and possibly magical entity in the city.

Filled with action and a colorful cast of characters, Port Royal continues the Pirate's Life series.