Rain No Evil (Author Interview)



Rain No Evil looks like an exciting, true story.  Give us the gist in a nutshell.

After a powerful prayer for change, a portal opened in my home in West Virginia and allowed in entities that sprayed water inexplicably inside of my home where my police officer hubby and two boys lived with me. Friends and family witnessed this phenomenon along with other apparitions such as orbs and busted tires in locked garages. An out-of-body experience led me to a priest who exorcised the house and to a shamanic healer who removed the negative attachments to my energy field.

I healed from the panic attacks I was having and pushed passed trying to understand why this had happened to me and into acceptance that this entire metaphysical awareness was the catalyst for the change I desired.

This experience transformed my life from living a miserable life in a verbally abusive relationship to helping others to peer into the unseen realms and to discover their life path. I am excited to share this incredible story of transformation! I didn’t ask for this to happen, but I am glad it did. We don’t always know what we need but God, or the universal life force does.

What was this about a car named Leslie Mann hitting your car?  Talk about synchronicity! A lady backed into my car and as we exchanged insurance information, I find out her birthday is the same day as mine and she had just purchased her car that week and named it Leslie Mann after her favorite actress! I have always wanted Leslie Mann to play me if it became a movie! I reached into my trunk and handed her a Rain No Evil book! So she crashes into my car and I give her a book! That’s some good karma right there!

LOGLINE: A woman prays for liberation from a verbally abusive husband, but the demon in the mirror and the water drenching the inside of her home may cause her to lose her family, her mind and maybe even her life.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

No, but I can see a movie! The screenplay version is in the finals at the New York International Film Festival. It’s cool, creepy, sexy, funny and brings enlightenment to the forefront.


What was the highpoint of promoting this book?

I shared this story with over 3 million folks from all around the world on George Noory’s Coast to Coast. I sat in my mom’s floor and cried. It was quite healing to do this after years of having panic attacks when speaking.


What inspired you when writing Rain No Evil?   

I was compelled to share with everyone I met. I’d taught English for twenty years, so writing a book seemed reasonable. Laughing because I just dove in and thought okay, so I’m going to write a book.

Bonus: Signed copy of book when order directly from my website under PayPal or Venmo tab.  https://www.michelezirkle.com


How did you come up with the story in Rain No Evil?

I experienced this story first-hand. I wrote it as a creative fiction so I could escalate the pace to keep things interesting, not that the story was dull by any means. HA


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Rain No Evil?

Just making the time to write was challenging, but I did because it was an incredible, life-changing experience I needed to share with the world.


What do you like to do when not writing?

When I’m not life-coaching clients in my holistic healing business, I hit hot yoga, hike or travel. I enjoy family time and nothing sweeter than the smiles they bring.


Where can readers find out more about your work?