Seems Like Smooth Sailing (Author Interview)

1)Hello Sir, can you please introduce yourself So that the audience would get you know you better.

Hi! I'm Sam, 34, born in London, raised in Essex and living in London again.
I do still enjoy city life although I really do miss travelling at times.
Luckily I have some very fond memories from 2006-2010 in the cruise industry. Some of which I've written about in this book which I can escape to whenever I like
I love to make people laugh which truthfully is one of the main reasons I decided to write this book.
Writing this book in my later years was a really enjoyable process as each time I sat down to work I was effectively time travelling to the past. A time in my life where social media was in its infancy, the internet was virtually non existent on board, and so the world I lived in was a bubble separate to the rest of the world.

2) Congratulations for your debut book, what does the title says about it?
The title can be applied to a great deal many things. Something that seems smooth at a cursory glance may not always be the case. Do not judge a book by its cover kind of thing,
It's open ended different things to people, but I guess my main influences for the title is to help people better understand the hard work and effort the crew go to for the guests during their stay, and that the cruise industry is far from being spotless like they would like you to believe.

3) Do you remember what you wrote first? How did you develop interest in writing, when you decided to write a book?

I actually cover this question in the books introduction which can be found on the kindle preview.


4) What is the central theme of your books? Why did you choose it?

I'd say honesty.
I lived these experiences and so I'm just sharing my story.
If I didn't see, hear or learn about it then it's not in the book.
All you will find in 'seems like smooth sailing' is one person's account of their time. I make a habit out of trying to keep it fun and easy to read, and so hopefully it will be one many people can relate to.
I know honesty isn't really a theme, but it covers a lot of ground as the book covers a lot of topics.
I talk about family, passengers, friends, inclusivity, exclusivity, excursions and so much more. 

5) What do you usually do when you are not writing?
I'm working as a Handyman/person around London which keeps me fairly busy and sort of fit. and I get to meet some interesting people, but I do at times miss the camaraderie of working within a team. This is where my other line of work occasionally fills that void, as I work on film and TV as a supporting artist. This allows me to meet a lot of creative minds and feel like I'm a part of something larger than myself...sometimes.
When I'm not working I'm happy to be able to go for a swim, shoot some hoops, take a long walk in nature, go out for some nice food and drink and have a catch up with family and friends. Watching movies, Tv shows and playing music.


6) What's sets of challenges usually arise while writing about your life and experiences?

Maybe knowing who I can and can't talk about, what I can say about them and what I can't? Everything is subject to cancel culture these days and so it's a minefield not to upset anyone.
Everything has to be a lot more politically correct these days, as there's generally very little excuse for not being respectful or sensitive towards others. So to write a book such as this  and try not to offend anyone was something I was always rather conscious of...and found challenging.
Finding the line between seemingly offensive humour which was contextually funny at the time it happened, but that might not be as funny to someone else who wasn't there was a real challenge.
Thanks to my former career as a family friendly entertainment host, I was able to use some of what I'd learnt to advantage, and in some cases I threw the rule book out the window.
My general rule of thumb was that if I couldn't see myself saying it on stage to an audience, then it probably shouldn't be going in the book.

7) Why you think one must read Seems Like Smooth Sailing?

I didn't know what I was signing up to before I went on board my first ship, so if you want to experience the mindset of someone going into that environment for the first time then this book will give you some unique insights and a totally unabashed account of my first contract way back in 2006.
If you enjoy non fiction with a lot of humour then I reckon you would enjoy this whilst also learning all about the cruise industry.


8) How did you maintain a transparency balance in your story?

I think in order to give your story balance in terms of transparency one of the most important themes to remember is humility. If I told only the stories where I came out on top and triumphed, then my readers might not have been as engaged with my narration as I take them through the book.
Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. When you make a mistake its important for you to own it so you can learn from it.


9) Your book is suitable for which age group? When is your next book coming? What it is all about?

If you have children who want to perform but they are pre-pubescent, then maybe wait a few years till they are old enough to understand some of the books more adult themes, otherwise the book is suitable for any young adult and upwards.
My next book does not have a launch date, but is something I am working towards completing.
It will cover the next two contracts I took up after finishing my first contract in 'seems like smooth sailing', and I'm writing to include something a bit more contemporary with relation to how the industry handled the pandemic and what we learned about it as a whole.


10) Any life advice you would like to give to your readers in general!

Errm... If you act like you know it all, then you know nothing at all, and sometimes less is more...more or less ;)