The Spirit of the American Flag: Crucial Facts of American History Explained in Rhymes While Analyzing the Flag for Your Kid to Relate and Learn Effortlessly for School or Pleasure

Stories That Matter Need to Be Told to Kids in Fun and Engaging Ways. Otherwise They Will Refuse to Listen.

What if American history was told like a story? What if you could learn the facts and still have fun at the same time?

Kids don't have to read long, dry texts to learn the most important facts of American history. With Oluwabunmi Aladeokin's Poem, they'll be entertained all while learning! Oluwabunmi uses rhyming verse to make their learning easier and more enjoyable.

Oluwabunmi Aladeokin has put everything you need to know about the United States of America in a poem!

From stories of exploration and settlement to government innovators and inventors, Oluwabunmi Aladeokin's poem is filled with fascinating facts every American child should know. Fun rhymes make learning easier while still teaching children objective truths about our country. And some funny jokes mixed in just for fun!

And the best part is the book covers everything any third-grader would need for history class with plenty of detail like all about how the flag represents different parts of our country, why we stand up during pledge out of respect, or how the Constitution becomes law!

Got some concerns that your child might get bored reading boring texts? Then this is perfect for them (and you)! Introduce them to Oluwabunmi Aladeokin's poem written in a creative way that engages every kid while also teaching them about America.

With this book your kid will:

  • Fall in love with American history
  • Learn history facts fast while having fun with rhymes
  • Stop hating learning new things and fall in love with studying

If you want your kid to learn about the most important fact of American history in the blink of an eye…

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