Success (Author Interview)

Success looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about the it?
I made this picture many years ago.  

The picture is very simple and done in ink. My thought then was that the picture is a question to the audience. You see a man pedaling and pedaling while looking at the speedometer. I named the picture the fool. The fool rides a bike and gets nowhere. He is stuck on the bike. Actually, he is stuck in himself. The alternative is to use a real bike and get ahead in life.


The meaning has been deepened and poses many difficult questions to the audience. Some are uncomfortable some people turn on their heels and leave

What is success - In the Western context, it is often based on money.

Adjust to what others think. It is a struggle to be validated. The search for confirmation - the one who shouts the loudest is heard the most

Ability to see from other perspectives - courage is required as you can become isolated. You have to stick to the "opinion tunnel"

Turning defeat into victory requires intelligence, courage, independence, etc. naturally, those around you will be jealous

Feel free to listen to others, but reflect and think for yourself

There are two types of people 1 the one with a big jaw and small ears 2 the one with a small jaw and big ears = listening is more important than speaking Who are you??? The question is often perceived as uncomfortable

 Eduardo was raised in these values, traditions and approaches. Eduardo is "different" and is perceived as uncomfortable by the standard environment

Summary There are no absolute truths,  everything can be relativized Defeat can offer an opportunity An illusion balloon must be pierced - the air slowly puffs out pzzzz and then move on



Any plans to turn it into a series?

Why not

What can you tell us about Eduardo?

He is a product of the "FAMILY DIFFERENT" which do not blend into the "normal" social context. I think Eduardo is a "survivor" because he sees opportunities where others don't. He also dares to pay the price of being mocked and isolated. Eduardo will do well in life


What motivated you to become a writer?

I have been creating images for many years. Whether I am an artist or not is for others to judge. The idea is that the image should be the starting point for the text, which challenges the viewer to reflection and development. One thing is for sure. I have many pictures who maes ideas that challenge texts.

The purpose is not to be comfortable or uncomfortable. The purpose is to call for reflection and honesty with oneself.

So it means: Image and text in combination become a whole

How did you come up with the story and ideas in Success?

I don´t know from where. It just come.  - reflection and thought perhaps.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Success?

You can write about serious things with humor and preferably with a story in everyday life that people understand. I think one should be careful with "nice  words" and expert opinions.

So-called “ordinary people” often know best

What do you like to do when not writing?

I don't have performance anxiety. I have no desire to be famous. I am satisfied and happy and grateful and the glass is half full  Sometimes I'm busy doing nothing

Where can readers find out more about your work?

I have a website. Unfortunately this one is bad. I am planning to make it better but I do not when