The Wooden Chair (Author Interview)

The Wooden Chair looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us about the story?


Female Power



Women emancipation

This is about a married woman who wears and drags - washes, cooks, cleans, raises children etc etc. Her husband just goes and tenses up and tries to look potent both at work and at home. When he goes to town he always walks a bit wide-legged and his stomach he tries to move to the chest so people will think he is a real man

One day she sees a painting called The Wooden Chair

Then she thinks and askes herself and decided to…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

------  ask her husband “to go to hell”!!!!

She  sells the house and everything YES ALL OF IT  but keeps a wooden-chair. She is now sitting on the wooden chair looking on out on the future

 It will be  a new start -  a new life   -  Oh Yes it will be


What can you tell us about the cover?

The whole is about that a women wants a new life. She has taking her decision. The past is past everything is sold out except a wooden chair where she will sits. One can see a blurry gray house that disappears into the fog of oblivion. The house represents what has been


What type of readers would enjoy your book?

People who are intressted in genus, female emancipation and female pover. It is great debat   about these things all over the world


 Can you tell us a little about the main character?

A fundamentally independent woman who dares to shatter ingrained illusions, realizes her true self and has the courage to take the consequences and break away from socially destructive values


How did you come up with the story and ideas in The Wooden Chair?

 I became interested many years ago in women's rights. My daughter was downgraded and boys were upgraded when assigning resources. It must be wrong that 50 percent of the world's population, women, are subordinate to the other 50 percent, but. Women are de-prioritised in health care, education, finance, politics etc. etc. The picture and the story are thus part of a gender debate


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Wooden Chair?

 The Wooden Chair represents both and  end and a new start and the importance of being honest with yourself





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