Busting the Feds at Their Own Dirty Game: A Complete Guide to Winning in the Federal Justice System


This book teaches a defendant or lawyer how to 
win his federal or state criminal case. It provides details on all the methods and techniques required to handle the most common scenarios encountered by the majority of defendants. In order to get a favorable result in the criminal justice system, a defendant must learn to stand up, defend his rights, and fight for his interests himself even if he believes he has a "good lawyer". This book gives him the tools and information he needs to understand the keys to identifying weak points in the case against him, negotiating with the prosecutor from a position of strength, preparing strategies for trial, and taking steps to minimize his sentence. Topics covered include: drug charges, gun arrests, plea bargains, preliminary hearings, prosecutorial misconduct, drug conspiracy, choosing a lawyer, getting bail, drug arrest, drug possession and distribution, the Career Offender Statute, the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), 924(c) charges, bad warrants, illegal car stops, illegal searches, the First Step Act, motions to suppress,, Miranda rights, illegal house searches, 4th Amendment violations, being busted by the feds, beating the feds, mandatory minimums, fighting enhancements, court strategies, communicating with the judge, reference letters, sentencing letters, and winning your case at trial.

This book provides a defendant with the guidance needed to know what items to look for in his case and the understanding that in order to win, he must get involved in his case.