Out Into the Desert


Sometimes, when we begin to question our faith or have doubts about our tradition it can feel like we are wandering out into the desert. When we take a step back and honestly evaluate organized religion in the 21st century, many times it doesn't make any sense. The more we cling to it and try to save it, the worse it becomes. In addition, widespread abuse, cover ups and victim-shaming causes some of us to question whether it will ever be right again.

Out Into the Desert is an honest survey of Western Christianity, along with Karl and Laura's personal story as they journeyed through 20-plus years of ministry. Let the Forehands be your guide as they examine these questions and more ... 

  • Is it okay to take some time off from religion and do this assessment?
  • Are there things we can't see because we're too close?
  • Where else can we find community?
  • Is it possible to thrive outside of organized religion?
  • If Jesus were physically here, would he go to church?