Say What You Mean: How To Attract Woman and Maintain The Relationship

Seven point four billion people in the world, and yet you are still single. Do you often ask yourself why you are single? Do you find yourself in awe of people in relationships and think, how did they have it so easy? Do you regularly look in the mirror or daydream about why you cannot seem to find a partner? Do you speculate almost every other day (or every day, who are we kidding here!) if you will die alone?

(Hmm, a scary prospect indeed.) Do you sigh sadly, all alone on those nights meant to be for cuddling, or those days perfect for long drives? Are you extremely agitated because I am just pinching your wounds right now, and I should stop?

Is that an exasperated yes as you pause and wonder if you want to read on further? I strongly suggest you do.

This book is an instruction manual, a giver of tips of dos and don'ts to help you get the person you ultimately deserve, the one who is right for you.