Unmuted! Transformation is in Her Mouth


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Unmuted looks like an exciting book.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Twenty one women believed that if given the opportunity to use their voices again, they would give it their all and become The UNMUTED EVERYWHERE! The Unmuted Everywhere is not a fad; this is a Mandate! Once they realized transformation was in their mouths, they began to record it on paper! And the truth is YOUR VOICE IS NECESSARY too! It was Trauma, Hurt, Abuse, Slander, Lies, Betrayal, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Molestation, Rape, Incest, Porn, Addiction, Drugs, Sex, Lust, or Low Self-Esteem that became their muzzle. Through these issues in their tissues, this all became a catapult to DESTINY! Each testimony will water your eyes and your soul. These UNMUTED WOMEN will captivate you and provoke you into saying, “I want to be made whole, and I too want to be UNMUTED!” As you read Volume I, you will understand how these women came from HURT to a place called HEALED. This transformation began when they agreed to become unmuted and tell their stories. With the help of the Destiny Midwife, they believed they could, and so they did. Will you join us as we throw our voices like arrows to help free people all over the nation? As you read this book, you will want to stand in authenticity and transparency and begin walking out your God-given purpose to catapult you into destiny. Remember, ALL things are POSSIBLE to them that BELIEVE, and WE BELIEVE GOD! “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;” – Revelation 12:11 (KJV)


Any plans to turn it into a series? 

Yes working on the second volume It’s called she went through the fire but she didn’t get burned


What inspired you when writing Unmuted

I was inspired to gather testimonies from others after a dream I had of myself snatching muzzles off of others mouths because they were muted.


What will readers get out of your book? 

They will know anything is possible From tragedy to triumph, from the grave to glory from victims to victory. These stories show how women who were once bound are now free.

What part of the book was the most fun to write? 

I wrote the introduction and the back of the book. But writing the introduction was definitely an amazing for me.

What inspired the idea for your book? 

The idea was inspired after Covid 19 hit and everyone was wearing masks like muzzles. My husband preached a sermon series intitled UNMUTED. This sermon series set made me know I had to become unmuted and help others also become unmuted.


What part of the book did you have the hardest time writing? 

I cried a lot while writing the introduction for these testimonies. Each testimony grips you and you can even find yourself in some of the stories.


What do you like to do when not writing? 

I like reading and helping others become unmuted.

Where can readers find out more about your work? 

I will be located on Amazon soon. Working on this right now and other outlets. Like Barnes and Nobles and others. I should have that completed in the next few weeks.