2,190 Days of Healing


They say every human being on this planet is a child of God and is made to perfection; we are all here in this world to serve a purpose and fulfill a destiny that has already been predetermined for us by some divine intelligence most of us struggle to comprehend, that if we only learn to trust the flow of events unfolding before us at any given time, we will understand the famous saying “Everything happens for a reason” is indeed accurate. It took me 2,190 days to open myself to receiving healing and embark on its extraordinary transformative process. Ten years later, I am still in this process, but I know I am healed.

In my quest for healing, I have realised that accepting and allowing yourself to feel exactly what you are feeling without judgement is a better approach to figuring out why unfortunate events happen to both good and bad people. In allowing acceptance, one must first encounter some form of transcendent supernatural experience. This usually involves questioning and unveiling the findings of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, the universe, or science. For me, it was God.