Dilly Duck Plays All Day


On the bank of a great big lake in a park called Wonder Wake, Dilly Duck sits all alone, so sad and bored on her own. There is just one thing to do. Find her friends, her flock, her crew!

DILLY DUCK PLAYS ALL DAY is a rhyming picture book written to expand pre-reading skills, math skills, and emotional vocabulary for children ages 2-6. Parents and teachers will use this book as a school readiness tool as well as an anchor for extension activities. A fun-captivating read from author Holly DiBella-McCarthy. Enjoy a day with Dilly Duck and her friends in this interactive, rhythmic story!
Interview: My goals in writing this story were to make learning fun for young children, and the adults who read to them while at the same time teaching essential school readiness skills. With learning through fun focus, lessons found in Dilly Duck Plays All Day include counting practice such as counting and adding by 1; pre-reading skills including rhyming, sight word vocabulary, story setting and sequence; emotional vocabulary development; and social skill development.

“…the message that is left behind – “Together is Better” – is a wonderful statement/sentiment of inclusiveness which is a great reminder for us all.”

“…In a sad but important lesson within the story, one of Dilly’s friends falls victim to lake debris which traps them under a littered net. This is made into a conversation topic at the book’s conclusion and asks, “Why isn’t play time with friends happy all the time?” I am always mentally tabulating conversation prompts for my kids so the pleasant surprise of having the work done for me, and done so well, was amazing.”

"As a teacher, not only does it help the students learn how to count, but it lets them learn more about friendship and hardship."

“…I like to use this book to describe character traits and their differences. This book is great to discuss the story elements of characters, settings, problems, and solutions, as well as retelling a sequential story with a beginning, middle and end.

“She just hugged the book wearing a big smile after we read it and insisted on bringing it to bed with her.”

“…My 3-year-old and 1-year-old love Dilly Duck! They love to count the ducks and say “Quack Quack”, and they love to turn the pages and mimic all the different emotions on each page. We’ve read it every night before bed since it arrived!”

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