Future Scientist Awesome Science Experiments for Kids: Fun Science Experiment STEM Projects, Amazing Science Activities for Kids and how they work, ... Items, Great for kids in the Age Group 7-12


A fun and engaging book packed with mind-blowing science experiments designed to present science concepts to young kids in the age group 7 to 12!

These fun activities use available household items to develop kids’ analytical skills and critical thinking and expand their knowledge in physics, biology, chemistry, space, and technology.

As kids grow up in a technology-rich world, they become more curious to learn how things work. These magical experiments teach kids that science can explain unpredicted phenomena.

Kids will learn to hypothesize, experiment, understand how it works, explore further through additional activities, and record their findings.

Future Scientist Awesome Science Experiments for Kids include:

  • 25+ Science Experiments: these fun experiments are designed to engage the kids and teach them how to hypothesize, experiment, understand, and explore scientific concepts, such as density, chemical reactions, soundwaves, brain functions, forces, heat transfer, Newton laws of motion, and rocket science!
  • Mind-blowing Science Experiments: the kids will have a blast as they prepare Musical Water Glasses, Rubber Band Guitar, Magic Milk, Dancing flames, Rockets, and much more!
  • Science Explained: illustrations of main concepts, such as Density, Brain Functions, and Sound Waves, including scientific Fun Facts.
  • Science Quotes: famous science quotes are oriented toward the kids to encourage them to investigate scientific phenomena and relate science to daily activities.
  • Material List: each experiment comes with an easy-to-prepare material list that uses household supplies typically found at home.
  • Instructions: easy to follow step-by-step instructions presented for each experiment to guide the kids on how to perform the experiments safely. These instructions are further illustrated with graphics when needed.
  • Science Behind the Experiment: each experiment is followed by a scientific background that illustrates the concepts and explains the results.
  • Explore Further: the kids are encouraged to explore further and turn their experiment into research through further exploration questions designed to improve their critical thinking skills.
  • Experiment Notes: each experiment ends with a space for notes to record the date the experiment was performed, the participants, the results, and Explore Further results.
  • Colored Pages: 8x11.5" interior matte colored pages

Kids will have a blast as they enjoy the experiments while learning chemical reactions, density, sound waves, air pressure, brain functions, mechanical forces, rocket science, and much more!

Grab your copy of Future Scientist Awesome Science Experiments for Kids, and let the science experiments begin today!