Lets See The World!: Exploring the Rainforest


Join Freddy as he is magically transported deep into the Rainforest!

Freddy will meet and learn about some amazing creatures who call the Rainforest their home. Freddy meets a friendly 
baboon, a talkative parrot, a busy jaguar mum, and her cubs. He will learn some interesting facts about these fascinating creatures, but will he get home again in time for his tea?!

Freddy is transported everywhere by his magic shoes. Freddy shows how putting on your shoes can lead to fun and adventure!

A tale blended with kindness and adventure, your child will also learn some interesting facts about animals and the rainforest.

This is a 
picture book for children with beautiful illustrations. It’s fun and educational, with a Did-You-Know section at the back.

Whether you’re looking for 
kids books on kindnesschildrens’ adventure storieskids books on friendship or simply amazing books for kids, this is one book you’ll love having in your child’s library.

Download or order your copy today!

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