Lets See The World!: The Great Desert


Join Freddy on another adventure. This time he's surfing on the sands of the Great Desert! Why not come along for the ride?!

Freddy encounters the animals and people who call the Great Desert their home. Join him as he helps discover the most precious desert treasure of all, water!

A beautifully illustrated children's picture book and fun for the whole family.
This is a picture book for children with beautiful illustrations. It’s fun and educational, with a Did-You-Know section and a word search at the back.

Whether you’re looking for kids books on kindness, children's adventure stories, kids books on friendship or simply amazing books for kids, this is one book you’ll love having in your child’s library.

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Lets See The World! is a beautifully illustrated series of books, aimed at children from five years and upwards. Join Freddy as he learns about the world around him and helps those he meets along the way.