Reveal Yourself: The best version of you is looking right through your eyes

Reveal Yourself is a book of poetry designed to inspire and awaken the soul. My poetry is based on the positive mindset and unlocking new ways to look at things through a lens of opportunity. I believe no matter the color of our skin, gender, or ethnicity we as people all go through very similar things in life. Our common bond is struggle, adversity, and challenges.

We all face them. The difference maker is some of us try and run away and avoid while others understand that by embracing them you can unlock strength inside and learn to overcome.

Each one of these poems is infused with positive energy and given marching orders to reach those who need it most. There are common themes throughout but it is my hearts desire that one of them touches your soul and inspires you to make an amazing change in your life

I believe each person is special and there is something inside you to share with others. This is the gift you were born with. Many never find it but I promise its there waiting to be discovered and maybe one of these poems helps you do just that.