The Sentiments

Senada, leader of the Toderas, wants to steal the memories of every race throughout the universe to unlock the powers of the Dela Stone, one of the three Sentiments, that will break the barrier between the realm of the living and the dead. In doing so, he begins a revolution that awakens his ultimate enemy.

Klara is one of the last humans left on Earth. When she heads to New Orleans to find out why the disappearances are happening, she is abducted. She finds herself on a spaceship, in a body that isn’t her own and in the arms of a strange man who seems to recognise her.

Manta, the last survivor of the planet Berba, has gathered a team tasked with rescuing those taken by the Toderas. When he finds a familiar face, he must battle with his feelings and his past in order to stop Senada before the power-hungry dictator collects all three of the Sentiments: the most powerful tools in the universe.

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