Bold Moves: Take Back Your Power, Reclaim Your Peace, and Live Happy on Purpose

"We all experience people and situations that somehow, at some point, lead us to a place of questioning our self-worth. The reason it feels so unfair is because it is." So begins Sandy Wardenburg's book-and her life. Living through rejection, isolation, and decades of narcissistic emotional abuse by her mother, she could have lived as a victim and turned inward.

Instead, she took BOLD MOVES to reclaim her life and live happy on purpose.

The purpose of this book is to offer people who have challenging and emotionally debilitating family relationships a strategy to take back their personal power and their personal peace-or to discover it for the first time. In this tender and emotionally moving book, Wardenburg not only offers inspiration, but actionable steps-BOLD MOVES-to lift you physically, emotionally, and spiritually from victim to victor.