The Masked Lover

A Heartbreaking Love Story!!

Office worker Brayden Willougby never planned to tell his family that he's gay. But when he meets the gorgeous Jack Holiday, he falls into the kind of love that he can't keep a secret. Jack gives Brayden the courage to follow his dreams-quitting his dead-end position at his sales company, opening a toy shop, and renting a flat to share with the new love of his life. With his dream life coming together, Brayden thinks coming out to his parents is the hardest thing he'll ever have to do.

Then the first night after they move in together, Jack hits Brayden.

Over the coming days, the facade of Brayden's perfect boyfriend falls away a little more with every insult, blow and swear word. The biggest slap of all comes when Brayden finds secret messages hidden on Jack's phone, which reveal that Jack is cheating on him. Brayden is sure things will get better, but every day only brings more heartache and pain in the form of violence, betrayal, sexual abuse and deceit from the man Brayden fell in love with.

With the perfect life crumbling to pieces around him, Brayden must face two choices which seem equally devastating: losing Jack or losing himself.

Sales from this book will help reach out to more victims of domestic abuse who suffer in silence. Galop is a Registered Charity: 1077384. Company limited by Guarantee (2969307). Registered as Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Anti-Violence and Policing Group. For more information visit