THE MAGIC SECRET: Oscar's Discovery

How To Have Fun And Make Your Dreams Come True - Golden Fundamentals

“...and remember, you can absolutely be, do, and have anything you want, and you can do so with great fun.”

Simple and amazing learning through storytelling
  1. How to win in life
  2. How to make your dreams come true
  3. How to live the most joyful life ever

Your dreams and wishful thoughts are much more than mere thoughts alone—they’re the first steps to solving a great puzzle. The puzzle of the Magic Secret.

Written for children and adults, this book brings out the Oscar in every one of us.

The book takes the reader on a journey of uncovering this puzzle, through the eyes of a child named Oscar and the 5 rules taught by his mother. As the story unfolds, Oscar learns that all he has to do is apply the 5 basic rules to manifest anything he wants. And while each step comes with its own challenges, it helps open up his mind to the possibilities of the universe and learn to enjoy the journey every step of the way.

Every step that Oscar takes comes with a list of weekly tasks that the reader is encouraged to complete. And as the puzzle begins to take shape, the reader experiences the same moments of awe, feelings of overwhelming joy, and mysterious signs from nature—everything pointing towards the fulfillment of their dream.

So, Children, Parents and All Adults, grab this book and get ready, because your life is going to be exciting and fulfilling!

It shows that if you follow the 5 puzzles, you will:
  • Develop the ability to imagine your dreams
  • Face any challenge that comes your way
  • Realize your true potential
  • Learn to be grateful and find out why
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Manifest all your desires
  • Work towards achieving your goals

Do you want to take yourself on an unusual, lastly fantastic journey?
If a mysterious bird would whispered over your shoulder that you would have a great ride, from scratch to making your dreams come true, will you go? Fun and exciting, isn't it?

This book is adventurous, educational, self-developmental and entertaining. And at the same time, the high gloss, scientifically proven way to make your dreams come true. Repeatably.
At last available to everyone.

So, grab your book now and let's go on this amazing fabulous journey together. And there is nothing and no one in the world who can stop you.