While on a family vacation in rural Wyoming, 17-year-old Eva Clark falls beneath the iced-over Snake River and drowns. Before her consciousness can fully rekindle in another world, paramedics revive her mortal body and she returns, aware of the paused immortal life she—and everyone else—will one day resume. When she explodes the plumbing in her hospital bathroom, Eva discovers she has also returned with disastrously malfunctioning immortal abilities. Now she must mask and master her worsening condition or risk the safety of her chaotic but lovely mortal family and her best friend’s dreamy older brother—who unfortunately is her soulmate. But when her abilities become increasingly dangerous and immortality looms closer than ever, Eva straddles the line between living the life she wants and accidentally destroying it.

WORLDTORN is a wistful but bright YA Contemporary Fantasy Novel available on Kindle Vella (link). It features an out-of-her-depth heroine doomed by increasingly dysfunctional immortal abilities yet unwilling to buckle under the weight of failure and disappointment. Readers can expect compounding disasters and epic failure, big-family dynamics and friendships, secondhand embarrassment and awkwardness, and a slow burn friends-to-lovers romance with impossible longing. Those who enjoyed the dual worlds and convergent story threads in the TV series ONCE UPON A TIME, Simon Snow out-of-his-depth and trying to control explosive powers in CARRY ON (Rainbow Rowell), and the out-of-control telekinetic powers that plunged Sydney Novak’s life into disaster in I AM NOT OK WITH THIS (Charles Forsman), will be right at home with WORLDTORN.