Book of Dhi Yoga (Author Interview)

Can you tell us a little about Book of Dhi Yoga?

It is the yoga for the intellect to catch, plant and grow your best ideas in the pursuits at work, home or school.

Dhi is the intellect, ideas, design or the essence within each one which resonates with every manifestation. Yoga means resonance.  This resonance of ideas is an effort to compliment ones unique pursuit at work, school and home with Dhi yoga: which is  to: Balance in everything to catch ideas; Open up to all to plant the ideas; Learn the lesson in each experience, be it good or bad, to grow the ideas.

What is a good idea? A good idea is one that helps us, others and the environment.

What is our strength as a human? If fish are special because they have fins and birds are special because they have wings, you and me, a humans strength is the intellect to manifest ideas.

What motivated you to write the book?

Considering that a humans core strength is having the most advanced intellect, mankinds function may be to innovate and make this world better for everyone, including all other species. As we worked with the worlds kids nadults and organization from different facets and economic conditions, we realized there was a need for the potential IDEA within each one to be encouraged. In the pursuit of creating a global community for the most innovative amongst us, iINVENT™: the platform, program and projects was born on the professional realm and Dhi Yoga was born on the personal side to enable the children at home and those in need with the core values that will help them grow to the best person they can be; we are good as our ideas, I guess.

What type of reader did you write the book for?

I wrote it for me:

-Some one who is looking to find balance in what I say, think or does

-Some one who is trying to be open and accepting so as to have the best relationships at home, school or work

-Some one who is trying to learn the lesson in the success as well as the failures, positives and negatives, win and a loss …

How long did it take you to write Book of Dhi Yoga?

This first set of 108 ideas manifested in a month or so in 2016 and have grown into 1080 ideas which will form the subsequent books on love, universe and more.

How did you come up with the title for the book?

I changed my last name in 2016 to DhiYogi which means the person who practices Dhi Yoga which is the yoga for the intellect to balance, open and learn. And from there came the name “ Book of Dhi Yoga” .

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Book of Dhi Yoga?

Yes, a lot of challenges: My ego, my own thoughts, my expectations and wants  vs letting the ideas flow. Every time I tried, nothing came to me. But when I surrendered to the moment and enjoyed whatever the moment brought, the ideas were realized, I don’t know how and from where.

What do you like to do when not writing?

I do not sit and write. But the words come to me whenever. And when they do I make a short note.  So in addition to writing, I curate/perform/Conduct concerts which enable the best ideas within each one. I love to have a “no filter conversations” with certain family, friends and those who I meet randomly. I go for rides and travel to places where the most open people are. But most importantly I think I spend a lot of time trying to simplify my life; the irony being it happens when I stop trying and surrender to the love n’  light in this moment.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

All of the content can be viewed/listened/read at .