Understanding Eating Disorders An Idle Guide : Helping a Loved One Heal From an Eating Disorder


You don’t have to watch them suffer anymore; you can help them regain control…

Do you have a loved one struggling with an eating disorder and wish for nothing more than to see them find themselves again?

Or do you suspect that a loved one is struggling with a particular eating disorder, and you have no idea how to help?

The truth is, on the surface, eating disorders can seem like mere self-consciousness, but the truth is that they encompass a host of other mental, physical, and emotional aspects that can take a huge toll on the affected. If you’ve been around someone struggling with an eating disorder, then you understand how consuming and addictive they can be.

Understanding Eating Disorders: An Ideal Guide presents a holistic approach to dealing with eating disorders, and it will guide you through offering a helping hand to a loved one and guiding them on their road to recovery.

Through this guide, you’ll:

• Understand the link between dieting and eating disorders

• Be able to spot early signs of eating disorders in a loved one

• Discover common types of eating disorders, what they entail, and the causes

• Learn how to gently and effectively empower someone with an eating disorder

• Uncover the holistic approach for healing and recovering from eating disorders, including the revolutionary EDIT method

• Learn how to approach and help different loved ones with eating disorders

• And much more…

So whether you are a parent, brother, sister, cousin, friend, or even a healthcare provider looking to help someone with an eating disorder, this guide will give you all the tools you need to make this happen.

Get your copy and become the light that guides your loved one out of the depths of their eating disorder!