10 Short Fairy Tale Stories


When I began writing 10, I wasn’t in the best place in my life. 

Considering all the obstacles I’ve faced, what on earth made me write a book? Even though I’ve always had a positive mindset and optimism for the future, writing this book made me dig deep into my heart and soul. I just knew I could get through anything that was in my way.

Sometimes, putting the complexities of modern adult life aside and returning to the lessons of childhood is the best way forward. The stories in 10 are accessible to everyone, and what they teach is relevant to all ages and backgrounds.

Martin B. Flores was born in Managua, Nicaragua.
He and his family migrated to the United States of
America in 1988, when he was just six months old.
Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, Martin has his
Associate Degree in Business Fundamentals from the
University of Phoenix. He decided to become an author
because he enjoys writing and wants to inspire others
with his work. Through his debut book, 10, Martin
aspires to join the ranks of successful Nicaraguan
authors while inspiring other migrant writers to do the


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