Embodied Afterlife: The Hope of an Immediate Resurrection


Explore a groundbreaking perspective on the afterlife and discover a profound alternative to traditional beliefs with Embodied Afterlife: The Hope of an Immediate Resurrection. Whether you’re a lay reader seeking spiritual growth, a minister, or a theologian in search of fresh insights, this captivating book will expand your understanding of resurrection and ignite hope within you. Embodied Afterlife delves into the exhilarating concept of immediate resurrection, guiding you to follow in the footsteps of Jesus who triumphed over death.

Why read Embodied Afterlife?
  • To gain a deep understanding of the profound hope found in the immediate resurrection.
  • To uncover a new and enlightening perspective on the afterlife.
  • Be inspired to live out resurrection hope in practical, transformative ways, for Jesus has conquered death.

What to Expect in Embodied Afterlife:
  • An examination of the evidence for Jesus’s resurrection.
  • An exploration of the problem of an intermediate state in heaven.
  • A comprehensive study of the embodied afterlife as depicted in Scripture.
  • A careful analysis of near-death experiences (NDEs) and their implications for our understanding of the afterlife.
  • A thought-provoking discussion on the intricate relationship between body, soul, and spirit, shedding light on their dynamic interplay.
  • An exploration of the fascinating concept of time in the afterlife and its impact on our eternal existence.

Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking and enlightening exploration of resurrection and the afterlife. 
Embodied Afterlife will captivate your mind, ignite your spirit, and deepen your faith, guiding you towards a renewed hope in the transformative power of the resurrection.

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Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPrXdRMDdPw&t=8s
Author Website: www.robertfalconer.co.za