The Pharma Heroes: The Power of Precision Medicine (Author Interview)

Can you tell us a little about The Pharma Heroes?

The Pharma Heroes is a STEM-inspired book series created by Dr. Sue Ojageer, an award-winning pharmacist and mom. It simplifies complex health topics in a fun and relatable way, taking readers on a thrilling adventure through Medville Land. The books aim to inspire and empower young minds while promoting creative thinking and child development.


What motivated you to write the book?

Being a pharmacist and a mother of five children, I was motivated to write The Pharma Heroes book series with the aim of creating an educational and informative resource. I recognized the importance of making health education accessible and engaging for individuals of all ages. With my background in pharmacy and experiences as a parent, I understood the value of simplifying complex health topics in a way that resonates with both children and adults. By combining my expertise as a pharmacist and her passion for promoting child development, I sought to empower readers to take an active role in their health and wellbeing. Ultimately encouraging individuals to embrace a proactive approach to their own health.


What age group did you write the book for?

I wrote The Pharma Heroes book series for both children and adults. The series is designed to appeal to a wide age range by addressing complex health topics in a simplified and accessible manner. By utilizing engaging storytelling, I created a fun and educational instrument that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Whether you're a child exploring the wonders of the human body or an adult seeking a relatable and informative resource, The Pharma Heroes offers a captivating journey that combines education and entertainment. The goal is to make health and science engaging for both children and adults, fostering a love for learning and an active role in promoting well-being.


How long did it take you to write The Pharma Heroes?

From start to completion, it took approximately 2 months to write The Pharma Heroes. Throughout the process, I encouraged my children to be actively involved, and their participation served as a great motivation for us. By including them in the creative journey, we were able to foster a sense of excitement and collaboration, resulting in a successful and engaging children's book. Their input and enthusiasm added a unique perspective and helped shape the content in a way that resonated with young readers. This collaborative approach not only made the writing process more enjoyable but also contributed to the creation of a profitable and impactful children's book.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Pharma Heroes?

While writing The Pharma Heroes, we encountered some challenges, particularly because it was my first experience with self-publishing. However, we approached these obstacles collaboratively and worked together to find effective solutions. Throughout the process, I documented our entire writing journey, including the challenges we faced and the strategies we employed, in my course "From Pills to Pages." This course aims to assist aspiring authors in successfully publishing their own children's books by sharing valuable insights and lessons learned from our experience. By documenting and sharing our journey, I hope to empower others with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the publishing process and bring their creative visions to life.

What do you like to do when not writing?

When I'm not writing, I cherish spending quality time with my family. Their presence brings joy and fulfillment to my life. Additionally, I have a passion for travel, as it allows me to explore new places, cultures, and experiences, which in turn fuels my creativity and broadens my perspectives. In addition to my writing endeavors, I am dedicated to adding new books to my STEM series, continuously expanding the knowledge and educational resources available to readers. Furthermore, as a healthcare professional, I find great satisfaction in assisting my clients in achieving good health through the practice of precision medicine. Guiding and supporting individuals in their wellness journeys brings me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Ultimately, these diverse activities enrich my life and provide a well-rounded balance beyond the realm of writing.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

To discover more about my work, readers can visit my website at On the website, you will find additional information about my book series, The Pharma Heroes, as well as updates, resources, and insights into my mission of making health education accessible and engaging.

For those interested in purchasing my books, they are available for purchase on Amazon at the following link:

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