Path to Wealth & Wisdom: 100 Common Sense Tips for Self-Growth & Fulfillment


This 40,000-word book is an autobiographical series of valuable life lessons and Younas Chaudhary’s commonsense business philosophy. It is presented in 4 sections:  

1. Advice for Business

2. Wisdom from Across the World

3. Philosophies for a Good Life

4. Thoughts on Wealth and Finance

The book is comprised of 100 short chapters of memoir-style reflection, which include related illustrations and practical takeaways about life, business, and finance. The chapter contents focus on dictums from "Keep meetings short" and "A bottle of Coke can be a luxury" to "7 tips to save money at home." The format is ideal for readers who are looking for a few quick tips and points of reflection throughout their day. The content of each reflection is drawn from the extraordinary life of self-made millionaire Younas Chaudhary.  

The works pages recollect Chaudhary’s education in a dilapidated school in Pakistan; to living with 23 others and an array of farm animals in a bustling home (a haveli); his first sundry work experiences in the West; the trials and tribulations of entering the oil and gas industry; tips on how to be a better deal maker negotiator; how to make and save money; and much more. Along the way, Chaudhary offers readers encouragement, commonsense wisdom, humility, and humor.  

Chaudhary's work will primarily appeal to entrepreneurs (especially South Asian immigrants), readers interested in motivational business techniques, and those seeking practical, broadly applicable business and financial advice. The book instills courage and commonsense principles for immigrants seeking to thrive in the West. The ideas are transparent and include the kind of practical gems that anyone can immediately use in their life. To the casual reader this is a work of joy, for the hardworking immigrant it is an inspiration, and to someone feeling low, it lifts the spirit by inspiring positivity and confidence. 

Chaudhary is a second-time author and LinkedIn influencer and brings with him a sizeable builtin audience. Many of his followers are readers of his influential weekly blog, where he posts consistently in conjunction with his charitable organization, the YBC Foundation. Chaudhary likewise has numerous marketing opportunities through his charitable work, mentoring, and his presence on various social media sites. 


Path to Wealth & Wisdom: 100 Common Sense tips for Self Growth & Fulfillment

Younas Chaudhary's new book Path to Wealth & Wisdom: 100 Common Sense Tips for Self Growth & Fulfillment offers a series of tips, lessons and reflections drawn from the inspiring story of a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur.  

Raised in a remote village in Pakistan, Chaudhary built several successful businesses in the US and Canada using a mix of common sense, hard work, consistency, and determination. When he first landed in Edmonton in late 1973, Chaudhary had only $30 in his pocket. To change the trajectory of his life, he worked day in and out, rising up from a slaughterhouse worker to a landman, to a successful entrepreneur. Then, just when he thought he had it all, tragedy struck when his wife Bushra was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and dementia.  

This book follows the author’s first autobiographical work, From Dirt Roads to Black Gold, offering his tools and tips for productivity, finance, and business—the same ones that allowed Chaudhary to establish himself as a visionary businessman in the volatile oil and gas industry. In it, you will find practical business and financial advice, as well as wisdom for facing the unexpected twists and turns of life. 

Path to Wealth & Wisdom: 100 Common Sense Tips for Self Growth & Fulfilment tells the story of a man who took on the world with just a few dollars and a dream.  

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