Positively Triggered: The Happiness Hack I Didn't Know I Needed.



“It’s our right to fulfill our greatest potential, and we deserve to love our lives while we’re doing it.”

Whether you’re teetering on the brink of despair or merely trudging through life’s monotonous routine, this book is your call to embrace the extraordinary power within you. In “Positively Triggered: The Happiness Hack I Didn’t Know I Needed,” Melissa Hussain reveals how she transitioned from days clouded with despair to a life illuminated by joy. Intertwining personal narratives with timeless wisdom, Melissa presents a riveting exploration of how our mind’s unseen triggers can be rewired to craft a more joyous and contented life. Melissa’s candid storytelling, infused with actionable takeaways, makes it clear: You don’t have to settle for fleeting moments of happiness. There’s a consistent, rejuvenating joy waiting for you, and it starts with getting Positively Triggered.

“We can seize the very mechanism that has plagued us with negativity and use it in a counter-attack to regain control, claiming our birthright to happiness and fulfillment.”

With powerful, thought-provoking journal prompts, she doesn’t just narrate her transformative journey—she invites you on your own. Drawing on the principles of positive psychology, the resilient philosophy of the ancients, and her own profound journey of self-discovery, Melissa shares the game-changing concept of Positive Triggers in an inspiring and relatable way. With every page, readers will delve deep into their own psyche, examining what truly makes them tick and how to turn those ticks into powerful catalysts for positive change. Learn how to establish a foundation of inner contentment, embark on exhilarating adventures of peace and joy, and, most importantly, possess a formidable tool that uplifts you during the inevitable downtrends of life.

Dive into this transformative guide and discover the happiness hack that’s been within you all along. It’s time to redefine your normal. Are you ready?