Reign: God made you to rule like a King (Author Interview)

1.       What inspired you to write “Reign”?

About one year ago God showed me a vision of the cover of the book. I saw the word “Reign” boldly printed in gold against a beautiful royal blue background. I ask the Lord what are you showing me and He began to download strategies on how to receive this revelation knowledge that He wanted me to write about. He wanted me to mature so that I could go to new levels and in Him and teach others who are struggling in their Christian walk have strategies to fulfill their purposes and destinies. When you have revelation knowledge it gives you permission to go occupy and take over for the Kingdom of God.

2.       What type of reader did you write the Book “Reign” for?

The book was written to assist Christians in their daily walk with God.   Being a Christian is an upward battle. You are faced with many trials and experience many situations in your life and if you do not have the strategies and tools to overcome these things you may give up. But as a believer you should never give up. Because on the other side of these difficulties that you may be facing is your breakthrough or promotion.

3.       What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

God is looking for believers who will step into the high places, but we have to be mature in Him and ready to take on whatever He tells us to do. God wants to take us to places that we never thought possible. But, if you are not consecrated, rooted, and grounded in Him he is not going to be able to take you there. We must arise and learn these truths so that we won’t only be Sunday morning Christians taking up a seat and dealing with the same issues year after year stuck in the same place. We are His masterpiece and He wants to manifest His good favor upon our lives. God has so far for us to go!

4.       How did you decide to write the book title and cover design?

Well, all I can say is that I let God lead me. He showed the book cover before I even began writing it.  Then I began to ask Him to lead and guide me to the truths. The book “Reign” was birthed.

5.       How long did it take to write the book “Reign”?

The book took about a year to write. But when you write a book it doesn’t stop there. You have to proof read it. Then it goes through a process of editing, formatting, and design.

6.       Were the experiences in your personal life or career that came through when writing this book?

Yes, absolutely! We are all faced with circumstances in our lives. But God has given us keys and strategies so that you can defeat our adversary. You need to get these truths in you so that you can go to new levels in your walk with God. You have an identity and it’s found in Jesus. But if you don’t know who you are you can’t go any higher or take territory for the Kingdom of God.

7.       How would you describe your writing style? Which writers or books are you similar to?

My writing style is meant to bring messages of hope, healing, restoration, revelation knowledge and wisdom. Some of my mentors are Bill Winston, Dr. Francis Myles, Katie Souza, Andrew Womack, Kevin Zadai, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin. Just to name a few.

8.       What challenges did you overcome in writing this book?

Yes, these truths I write about helped me in my own walk with God. We have to understand that where we are in our walk with God is our responsibility. God already did everything for us and now it’s time for us to rise and listen to what God is telling us to do. So, He will send someone like me to write a book and bring these truths out so that people can draw from this well of wisdom and move past the obstacles that are holding them back.

9.    If people can buy or read one book this week or this month. Why should they buy your book?

They should buy the book because if they want to go to new levels in their walk with God there are biblical truths that they should know. After speaking with many believers in church’s they only know the basics which will not take you anywhere if you are wanting to make great strides in your walk with God. You are in great danger if your eyes are not open to these truths. You need them in your daily walk with God. We need to know who we are as a believer in Christ and the power that we possess. This knowledge will open your eyes and you will see that you are a king and God placed you in the earth to “Reign”. Each one of us has a purpose and destiny to fulfill. It is up to us to find out what gifts and talents that God has placed in us and use them for the Glory of God.

10Where can readers find out more about your work?

I have a blog and readers can visit and connect with me there at I have other books available and I have a utube channel (address below) where I did ten teachings on my last book “Dominion” They can check them out there!  All my books are available on Amazon.