The Other Global Pandemic: The Narcissist: What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Know It

What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Know It

This specifically relevant narcissist reference book is not intended to be a view into the dark and unsettling aspects of life in the web of a narcissist.
This book will open you up to the possibility of successfully managing a narcissist in your life. And not just in your interpersonal relationships.
You will see that often the only value a narcissist can truly bring to most people's life is their imminent departure.
But what do we do if they are seemingly growing in power everywhere? Exposing more and more people to their overt and dominant traits:

  • No longer hiding their gaslighting
  • Barely constraining their lack of compassion, remorse, and/or contrition
  • Pathological lies in the wide open, about anything
  • Sociopathic, often cruel for no reason, argumentative for the argument's sake
  • Selfish, greedy, self-centered, egotistical, megalomaniac, vainglorious, smug, reactionary to name a few.

We must learn how to handle their constant presence. Globally.
Their existence is now more obvious, and everyone is feeling their arrogant disdain.
Their borderline personality disorders are no longer hidden out there, buried within the dark chasms of their private lives.
Their behavior is becoming more acceptable. Not to me.
So this is what you need to know about narcissism and why you need to know it. Because saving yourself and others has never been more important than it is today.
This book, from my life experience and the diagnoses of professionals, offers you perspective, knowledge, and an understanding of the narcissist.
They have always been quietly prevalent. The past 8 years have seen narcissists rapidly evolving in every society. Presenting the growing challenge of dealing with narcissistic people in daily life.
Unfortunately, the normalization of narcissism is occurring on a global scale with their toxic behavior appearing to be their answer to so called “woke” ideology.
Everyone must understand the effect of allowing those with egomaniacal and self-grandiose, malignant narcissism into your life. It can be mildly irritating or the cause of PTSD.
Remembering that the outcomes of experiencing narcissism are almost never positive. Most can be avoided.
Here is how you do it...