What if We Don't Really Die?: A curious and rational exploration of the meaning of life and death, using clues and observations from science, technology, and the future.


What if we don’t really die? Could there be more to life than one day becoming bones in a box or ashes in an urn? Surely, you and I have pondered that question many times. Doesn’t it seem incredibly wasteful to accumulate decades of knowledge and wisdom only to be unremarkably extinguished in a mandatory appointment with destiny? There has to be another side to this arrangement. This fascinating book presents a rational, promising, and enthusiastic “what if?” scenario for you to think about. It aims to practically and logically show that there may be much more life beyond death.

From the author’s perspective, death ends only the chapter, not the book! The one thing that makes life such an enduring mystery is that no one ever returns from “the other side” to tell us about that next chapter. But that isn’t proof that another reality doesn’t exist. Many of the world’s organized religions make bold and uncompromising conclusions about what happens after death. Still, without scientific evidence, these fantastical proclamations amount to nothing more than predictions and stories of comfort and hope. To enjoy this book, you’ll need to read it with a mind open to new ideas and perspectives. If your spiritual or religious belief system is locked down tight, this may not be the book for you. This intriguing book is not mystical or religious, nor is it anti-religious. It’s not bogged down with unnecessary jargon, statistics, graphs, catchy acronyms, or other awkward or boring elements that could make reading a less-than-satisfying experience.

This is a book to enjoy reading at the beach, by the fire, in the backyard, or anywhere you may find peace and calm away from the noise of the world. It takes an informal and curious look at past and present science, technology, and innovations. It then looks ahead to ponder the enormous potential waiting in the future. This book offers an opportunity to consider a new way of understanding the purpose and the meaning of life, and it provides comfort in the premise that death is not the end. So, prepare to enjoy what could be one of the most interesting, easy-reading, and thought-provoking books you’ll ever read!