Who is Nika Nikoubin?: A Bloody Las Vegas Hotel Story (Author Interview)


Nika, your book is not only an autobiography but also delves into cultural experiences and mental health. What inspired you to write this book?

I was inspired to write this book for several reasons. Firstly, I wanted to share my true story, especially after a highly publicized case that had many inaccuracies in the media. Secondly, I'm passionate about advocating for mental health and hope to spark important conversations. I also aim to provide a platform for people who have faced similar challenges, including Persian women, and promote open dialogue. Lastly, I wanted to expose readers to Persian culture and increase awareness and understanding.

Your book starts with a dramatic moment in a Las Vegas hotel. Can you give us some context around what happened that night without giving too much away?

I want to emphasize that what you may have read in the media doesn't necessarily reflect the full truth of the situation. I encourage readers to explore my book for a comprehensive and accurate account of that night's events, as a summary wouldn't do justice to the complete story.

Moving from Iran to the United States must have been a big change for you. How do these different cultural landscapes play into your book?

In my book i talk about beign an “Enigma”: I delve into the profound transformation that occurred as I transitioned from Iran to the United States. It's a journey from the distinct cultural landscape of Iran to the diverse environments of small-town Lubbock, Texas, and then California, Las Vegas, and Dallas. This shift in cultural perspectives and experiences has made my understanding of nationality quite complex, as I've had the privilege of exploring various cultural viewpoints and regions throughout my life.

You openly discuss living with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. What do you hope readers will gain in terms of understanding mental health through your experiences?

I aim to raise awareness among those who may not be familiar with these conditions. Through my book, I offer an unfiltered and genuine perspective on what it's truly like to live with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. My hope is that readers will gain a deeper understanding of mental health through my personal experiences.

There seems to be a cinematic quality to your story, especially with the opening quote. Have you considered turning your life story into a movie or a documentary?

It would be intresting to see my book adapted into a movie or documentary. I believe it's a narrative that resonates with many individuals, shedding light on the unique intersection of living with mental health conditions and navigating a diverse cultural background while also addressing the challenges posed by negative media coverage.

What message do you want readers to take away after reading “Who is Nika Nikoubin? A Bloody Las Vegas Hotel Story”?

I hope that readers take away a deeper understanding of individuals living with mental health conditions, like mine and gain insight into Iranian culture. Additionally, I want them to realize that media reports don't always present the complete truth, and I hope they come away with a better understanding of the genuine story.

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