Royal Gossip

My book called Royal Gossip" shows some surprising facts;

Did you know for instance that Queen Victoria and her husband were so infatuated with each other, sexually that Albert was welcomed to Victoria’s bed nightly.

Fortunately for us, Victoria wrote in her diary every day including her wedding night. She said, "he clasped me in his arms and kept kissing all over my body.” I never could have hoped to feel this way. His gentleness is beyond measure”.

It is said that before Albert’s marriage to Victoria he took lessons to learn what would give his bride the most pleasure.

He learned well and they produced 9 children. It is said, their love affair lasted until his untimely death.

Another little secret is that Victoria received a hankerchief soaked with ether which she sniffed during each birth to give her relief from pain. “Oh what a blessed relief” she said.
Other little questions often asked are all answer in my book

Why did King Edward have to abdicate?
What happened to Princess Ann when her Palace affair love letters were exposed?
What did Princess Margeret and Prince Harry have in common?

Many many more secrets that make Prince Charles, now King Charles, publicly shared his affair with Camilla, seem incredible.

Poor Diana did not want a divorce, but even the Queen said she had no answers.

Who would have thought his Mistress would one day become Queen Camilla, I am still getting used to that.


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