What inspired you to write "THE UNIVERSE IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS," and how did the journey of writing this book begin for you?

I was inspired to write this book by an entity that I refer to as “The Configurator”.  You probably refer to this entity as “God”.  The Configurator gave me the knowledge and understanding that I needed to write this book.  The Configurator also gave me the ability to write the book.  I would have never been able to write this book on my own.  Not in a million years.  If I had to write the book over again, I doubt that I would be able to reproduce the same book.  So why did the Configurator have me write the book?  The human race is at a crossroads.  There are 2 directions that we can take.  We can go right and head down the road to enlightenment, peace, and prosperity or we can go left and head down the road to annihilation and possible extinction.  I believe that we are currently headed in the wrong direction.  I believe that it is my responsibility to help the world change course and head down the road to enlightenment, peace, and prosperity.  Many of us are under the impression that the Earth was put here for us.  The fact is we were put here for the Earth.  We can no longer treat the world like it’s our personal dumpster.


The title itself is quite provocative. What reactions or thoughts do you hope to elicit from readers even before they delve into the content?

I hope that when people read the title, they will know that they are finally about to get the truth.  I want people to read the title and realize that they are about to get real answers.  I want people to know that they are not about to read a book of theory and speculation.  Those are the responses that I hope the title elicits.  By the way I knew exactly what the title was going to be when I started writing the book.  There was no deliberation. 


Throughout the book, you challenge the foundations of both religion and science. Can you discuss the pivotal moment or experience that led you to question these established paradigms?

I grew up a Christian, but I became an atheist for most of my adult life.  There is no way that anybody could convince me that God existed.  This is because I never believed in religion.  So, like most that don’t believe in religion, I turned to science and the theory of evolution.  That theory never sat well with me either.  Neither science nor religion never led me to any logical conclusions.  One day I was talking to my friend Maurio and something that he said to me led to me doing something peculiar when I got home.  I asked out loud that if God really existed to let me know.  I asked God to make himself known to me if he really existed.  I asked it in a mocking way never expecting to receive any answer.  Boy, was I surprised.  The Configurator made himself known to me.  The creator of everything in existence made himself known to me in a number line.  Everything became clear to me.  This is when I became The Modern Day Prophet.  There is only one way to know and understand what God is, and that is mathematically.  There is no other way.  Now, back to science.  The theory of evolution is the greatest lie ever told.  It has no basis in reality whatsoever.  It is an absolute disgrace that we teach our children this nonsense in school.  Religion is a little truth mixed with a lot of lies.  The theory of evolution is an absolute lie.  No truth to it whatsoever.  Any science that begins with the theory of evolution is not science at all.  Any science that does not acknowledge a creator is not science at all.  Any science that is not based on mathematics is not science.


You mention that many of us run into "brick walls" while searching for truth. Can you share a personal experience of hitting such a wall and how it transformed your perspective?

The brick walls that I ran into were religion and science.  There were no logical conclusions to be found in either.  Religion is a little bit of truth mixed with a lot of fairy tales.  We have been indoctrinated with the fairy tales for so long that the fairy tales have become reality for many people.  The theory of evolution is far worse.  That is the biggest deception ever told.  The theory of evolution is the opposite of reality. 


How do you envision readers will apply the revelations and insights from your book in their daily lives?

This is what I need readers to take from the book.  The Earth is the oxygen element of this Solar System.  The most important thing on this planet is the balance of carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere.  Nothing is more important than that.  Not human life.  Not animal life.  Not ocean life or plant life.  The reason that we all exist inside of these ecological systems is to maintain that balance.  I believe we are negatively offsetting that balance.  There are 4 things that the world must address immediately:

·         The amount of carbon we are dumping into the atmosphere – we must decrease the amount of carbon that we are putting into the atmosphere through our cars, our factories, our planes, etc.  We need a technological revolution to make that happen.

·         The amount of chemicals that we are dumping into the oceans and rivers – this behaviour must stop.  We must devise of a safe, secure way to dispose of these hazardous chemicals other than our oceans and rivers.

·         The overpopulation of the earth - the Earth is probably overpopulated by at least 2 billion people.  All these people breathe oxygen and exhale carbon monoxide.  This is another massive carbon dump into our atmosphere.  The most humane way to deal with this in my opinion is to limit the number of children that we are bringing into the world.

·         The number of nuclear weapons in this world must be drastically reduced – nuclear weapons have no place in an enlightened society.  They are the epitome of unintelligence.  They serve no benefit to mankind whatsoever.  Their only purpose is to destroy humanity and to destroy the Earth.  Let me give you a scenario.  If we were to engage in nuclear war and we ended up destroy the Earth to the point it could no longer function as an oxygen atom.  That would mean the complete destruction of the Solar System.  The Earth, the Sun, the other 7 planets all destroyed in a black hole.  That’s what the black holes are there for.  Nuclear weapons are just not worth the risk.  90% of all nuclear weapons should be decommissioned and the parts should be salvaged.  The only reason I would even keep 10% is in case of an external threat.  Nuclear weapons must never be used on any nation on Earth for any reason.  It is tine to use our nuclear technology for mass creation as opposed to mass destruction.


You boldly claim that you're the only person "uniquely qualified" to explain the true reality of our existence. Can you elaborate on what makes your perspective so unique and unparalleled?

I believe that the Configurator has chosen me to be the prophet currently.  I don’t believe that I am the first prophet.  I believe that there were many prophets before me.  Hopefully there will be many prophets after me.  If that is too much for the readers to reconcile, once they read my book it will become clear who I am.  At least it will become clear to intelligent readers.  There is no other book like this in the world.  There is no one else in the world that would be able to write this book.


The concept of explaining "the unexplainable" is intriguing. How do you approach topics that have been deemed incomprehensible or beyond human understanding for centuries?

That is the funny thing.  We have been lied to and misled for hundreds if not thousands of years.  We have been led to believe that things are unexplainable.  The 3 major reasons for that way of thinking are Islam, Christianity, and the theory of evolution.  The truth is I can explain the unexplainable because nothing is unexplainable.  Everything can be explained.  There is an answer for absolutely everything.  Even if we don’t know the answers, the answers still exist.


Your book is referred to as the "New Bible for the Enlightened Age." How do you see this "Enlightened Age" unfolding, and what role do you believe your book plays in this era

This is what I hope the enlightened age will be.  First and foremost, in the enlightened age we will have figured out how to maintain the appropriate balance of oxygen and carbon in the atmosphere.  That is the most important thing.  After that, I want to live in a world where we don’t have to create boogeymen.  I want to live in a world where nations aren’t enemies with each other.  I want to live in a world that is peaceful and prosperous.  In the enlightened age there would be no starving countries.  There would be no threat of nuclear war.  There would be no war at all.  In my vision of an enlightened age countries would be able to compete against each other in a spirit of friendship and fairness without feeling the need to murder each other.  Many of us are waiting for God to give us paradise.  God will never give us paradise.  God gave us the intellect to create our own paradise.  The only paradise that will ever exist is the paradise that we create.  I want the enlightened age to be the best Earth that has ever existed.  I hope that my book gives me the credibility that I need to assist the world in making these changes.


Can you give us a glimpse into your process? How did you go about researching and gathering information, especially for such contentious topics like the nature of the Universe and the existence of God?

I would say that my process started with Egyptian mathematics.  I googled it and then read everything that I could find.  The ancient Egyptians were very good at applying mathematics to nature.  That is what started me on my path.  I started applying mathematics to things until I eventually got to God.  As I stated before that is how the Configurator made themselves known to me.  To put that into perspective for you, when I look at the “0” I see metaphysical, infinity, balance, and creation.  I’ve also studied the periodic table of elements quite a bit.  I’ve had to brush up on my mathematics, geometry, and chemistry.  During this process I was somehow able to teach myself sacred geometry.  I also want to say that I refer to God as The Configurator, because for me a mathematical term is more fitting than a religious one. 


Finally, now that readers have this "motherload of truths," what would be your advice for them moving forward, especially when interacting with others who might still be entrenched in traditional religious or scientific beliefs?

I have done everything in my power so far to bring the truth to the people.  I wrote a book containing the truth.  I published the book.  Now I am promoting the book.  I will answer any questions that anyone has about the book.  The one thing that I can not do is force anyone to accept what I am saying as the truth.  People will have to draw their own conclusions.  I realize that it will not be easy for some people to overcome hundreds of years of brainwashing and indoctrination.  For those that the book does resonate with, let me say this.  The balance of oxygen and carbon in our atmosphere is more important than anything else.  Through our actions we are negatively impacting that balance.  For us to truly enter an age of enlightenment there are things that we must change immediately.  Let me reiterate: 

·         We must stop dumping so much carbon into our atmosphere through the use of our technology.

·         We must stop dumping these hazardous chemicals into our oceans and rivers.

·         We must do something about the overpopulation of the planet.

·         We must drastically reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world.

If we are willing to make these changes, we will have the opportunity to enter into an age of enlightenment, peace, and prosperity.  If we are not willing to make these changes and we stay the present course, then we will eventually have to deal with the alternative.  I can say with 100% certainty that nobody wants the alternative.  Nobody wants that.

Thank you for allowing me to share my views with your readers.