The Light of Silver: A Slavic-Inspired Fantasy Novel with Elements of Mystery and Romance

Those beautiful eyes, shining the light of silver.

Oldřich Lýnhart, the King of Lemaria, hires a group of hunters to dispatch a monster, hidden deep in the forests of Podkray. Salvyra, a girl of seventeen, finds herself at one end of the conflict - she who loves that monster; she who would die for that monster; she who would kill for that monster. That monster is none other than Vilod, a veritable artist and saint, whose only sins are his disfigured looks and divergent nature. The group of hunters, called the Seílgars, care not for a monster's personality. Quick to judge, they have only one thing in mind. Extermination.

Referin Tállier, a member of the Seílgars, stands in the middle of it all. After being unable to prevent a tragedy, Referin starts questioning the nature of things. Not fate but choices bring Salvyra and Referin together. Pelted by dangerous creatures, moral conundrums, and encounters with eccentric characters, the two of them end up sharing everything; personal growth, moral ambiguity, and a determination to keep moving. Despite the obstacles. And to the end.