Bond of Brothers: Our Stories, Our Legacies

In this sequel to their memoir, Two Jersey Brothers, Bob and Nick Finamore recount stories from their adult lives.

It's all here - Together at Paterson New Jersey Central High School, Bob's football success, Nick's aviation adventures, Bob's U.S. Army and teaching years, Nick's music and AT&T careers. Their brother-to-brother storytelling takes you inside their lives, from training with the New York Jets to saving dolphins at the Jersey Shore to comforting their 102-year-old mother on her deathbed. All the while they reveal the secrets of an enduring fraternal bond and the one core meaning in both their lives.

About the authors

Nick Finamore is a retired AT&T Regional Vice President with a thirty-five-year career in engineering, computer systems, sales, and human resources. Upon retirement, AT&T contracted with him for another twelve years as a loaned executive under three New Jersey governors to assist in improving state operations. In this sequel to their memoir, Two Jersey Brothers, Nick describes many life-changing events and mentors influencing his life’s direction.. These experiences gave rise to a number of challenging hobbies and adventures. He became a pilot and partner in a Piper Arrow airplane; a performing pianist; a sailboat enthusiast on Cape Cod waters; and a licensed ham radio operator.

Nick and his wife of sixty years, Marie, live in Annandale, New Jersey. They have three children and six grandchildren.

Bob Finamore’s career in education spanned thirty-five years, during which he served as teacher, coach, driving instructor, and disciplinarian/athletic director. An athlete from a very young age, he received many accolades, most notably MVP awards in high school, college, and a post-season bowl game. He has also been inducted by his high school, college, and local athletic association (Paterson Old Timers) into their Halls of Fame.

In this memoir with his brother Nick, Bob recounts his football days at Memphis State University and his training with the New York Jets and afterwards serving for two years in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict.

His wife, Shirley, passed away after forty-four years of marriage. He lives in Wayne, New Jersey and spends time with his daughter, son, and two grandchildren who live nearby.