Editorial Review: "I Macau: Volume I - Farm Animals" by Michele Massotti


Editorial Review: "I Macau: Volume I - Farm Animals" by Michele Massotti

"I Macau: Volume I - Farm Animals" by Michele Massotti is a delightful and inventive children's book that stands out in its genre. Massotti, a Roman with a cosmopolitan background, brings a unique flavor to children's literature, blending his experiences from London, New York, and Florida into a captivating narrative style.

The book introduces Macau, a little cow with a linguistic twist that becomes the core of her interactions. Massotti cleverly uses Macau's introduction, "Hello, I Macau," often misheard as "Hello, I am a cow," to create a humorous and engaging story that captures the essence of language play. This approach not only entertains but also introduces young readers to the nuances of language and communication.

The cow, Macau, gets her name from a unique feature: two of her patches look like the city of Macau. This clever naming by the farmer adds a fun twist to the story, connecting Macau's appearance to a real place and making the character even more special for young readers.

The narrative style of the book, intentionally written in rhyme, is a significant strength. It enhances the memorability of the story, promotes phonological awareness, and offers an engaging rhythmic flow. This style captivates young readers, aids vocabulary development, and provides a comforting, predictable structure. The rhyming scheme is not just a stylistic choice but a strategic tool in fostering early literacy skills.

Massotti's background in visual arts significantly enriches the book. His illustrations are not mere accompaniments to the text but integral to the storytelling, helping young readers visualize the narrative and connect with the characters. The book encourages children to familiarize themselves with various farm animals and their sounds, enhancing their attention and categorization skills. This interactive element is particularly effective in engaging young readers and encouraging participation.

The book also serves as an excellent tool for bedtime storytelling. The narrative's conclusion, with Macau nestled in and eagerly awaiting her next adventure, provides a comforting closure to the day's reading. It's an invitation to dream and anticipate more adventures with Macau.

Massotti's personal journey as a father and storyteller adds a layer of authenticity to the book. His experience in crafting stories for his twin boys and then expanding his audience to other children around the world is a testament to his dedication to making learning fun and accessible. This personal touch resonates throughout the book, making it not just a story but a shared experience between the author and his readers.

"I Macau: Volume I - Farm Animals" is a charming, educational, and visually stunning book that stands as a testament to Michele Massotti's creativity and passion for storytelling. It is an excellent addition to any young reader's library, offering both entertainment and educational value.