Love on the Runway

Indulge In An Uninterrupted Romance Filled With Heartbreak, Climax, And Intimacy That’s Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen.

The human mind comes alive when it’s about matters of the heart. When you see a love story come to life from a bird’s eye view, 
you feel an unmatched euphoria that reminds you of your own victories and romantic mishaps.

With every fight, every confession, and every intimate scene, your emotions kick up as you 
replay the scenes in your own head.

The surface tension between lovers at the brink of their relationship, the eyes meeting across the room, and the charm of 
a playboy turned saint when he catches his newfound love.

All of this and much more is now packed inside an exciting, engaging novel that’ll take you out of your own reality and 
into a lucid dream where a love story comes to fruition.

Love On The Runway is a time capsule of exciting events that puts you in the shoes of a secretary and her secret relationship with her boss, the last person on earth she’d expect to lay under the sheets with.

This forbidden love story begins with passion, guilt, and an undeniable tension that 
brings them closer every time they try to take a few steps back.

With a fleet of confusing emotions, screams and dreams, and circumstances that defy this love, Emma and David experience a unique love story that they try to hide but fail to bury.

You’ll witness how Emma’s delicate feminine energy manages to claim and tame her short-fused boss, and 
how she manages to turn him into the most loving, caring, and soft family man.

It’s an exciting journey that walks you through the butterflies of waking up next to your stubborn boss after a long night of partying, the confusion of a forbidden love story, and the
 gratification of creating a family with the person you least expected.

Here’s A Hint Of What’s Waiting For You:

  • Sizzling Workplace Tension: Explore the scorching chemistry between Emma, the secretary, and David, her enigmatic and commanding boss. Their undeniable attraction sets the stage for a passionate office romance that neither saw coming.
  • A Modern Love Story: Dive into this bumpy love story as Emma transitions from a secretary to a flight attendant. Yet, it's the unexpected connection she shares with David that truly sets her heart pounding.
  • Secrets and Vulnerabilities: Beneath their polished exteriors, both Emma and David harbor secrets and vulnerabilities that threaten to unravel their lives. As they navigate their cutthroat line of work and confront their inner demons, can love conquer all?

This true-to-life story is packed with emotion and tear-jerking events and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 
It’s your own drama that you’ll form in your own imagination and create your own Emma and David.

As their love story unfolds, you'll laugh with them, cry with them, and root for them every step of the way. You'll find yourself daydreaming about their stolen moments in the bustling city and 
their whispered confessions in the midst of chaos.

Get ready to be swept away into a world where passion knows no bounds and where two souls, seemingly worlds apart, 
discover that love has the power to bridge even the wildest souls.

Love On The Runway is a tale of glamour, desire, and the breathtaking journey of Emma and David as they navigate the twists and turns of life, love, and their brutal life of business. Don't miss this 
unforgettable love story that will have you believing in the magic of love, and the possibility of finding it in the most unexpected places.