Editorial Review: The Looking-Glass Voyage: Memoirs of a Pakistani Surgeon by Tariq Khan


Editorial Review: The Looking-Glass Voyage: Memoirs of a Pakistani Surgeon by Tariq Khan

The Looking-Glass Voyage: Memoirs of a Pakistani Surgeon by Tariq Khan is not just a book; it's a journey through history, seen through the eyes of someone who's lived it. Tariq Khan, a Pukhtoon from Peshawar, Pakistan, doesn't just tell his story; he takes us back to the turbulent 1950s and 60s in Pakistan, making us feel like we're right there with him.

What's really cool about this book is how Khan blends his personal life with historical events. You get these amazing tales from his family and school years that don't just show you what life was like back then, but also reveal Khan as this super ambitious student who's all about his family and his dreams.

The book also dives into Khan's journey through medical school and how he set up his practice. And it's not just about Pakistan; Khan's experiences take us to different places like Saudi Arabia, England, and the UAE. It's like getting a cultural tour alongside his personal story.

Now, you might think a memoir about a surgeon would be all about operations and hospitals, but Khan spices it up. He's got stories of youthful adventures, a romantic fling, and even an arranged marriage. It's a mix that educates you but also keeps you hooked.

Khan's way of telling his story is something else. He puts it like this: "I was witness to great events in the history of the world in real-time: the dismemberment of my country of birth, and the formation of Bangladesh, in 1971; experiencing Iran in the heady days, at the peak years of the Shah of Iran ...". This isn't just a memoir; it's a front-row seat to history.

All in all, The Looking-Glass Voyage is a must-read. It's not just for history buffs or medical enthusiasts; it's for anyone who loves a good story. Khan's life is a tapestry of personal, historical, and cultural threads that he weaves together into a narrative that's both educational and entertaining. It's a book that connects the past with the present and makes history feel like your own story.

Best-selling author Lisa Jo Symonds wrote,“Wow! Bravo! The Looking-Glass Voyage is brilliant! What a work the author has accomplished, narrated so beautifully that I lived the author’s life through his eyes as I read along.

So much knowledge of the history of all places in his travels in and around Pakistan, then to Canadian soil where he has planted his loyal roots. Tariq Khan’s level of talent is usually reserved for more seasoned, fine-tuned authors, reading this book, the reader could never guess this was his first published work! Such an interesting life he has had, this could make a great film!
And wow, the epilogue! Yes! Quantum physics, exactly! We began as a particle and shall end as a particle… empty space!

I strongly recommend this great read, and I will be watching for any future books by Tariq Khan, I am officially a fan!