From Sick to Healed: The Wonderful Miracles of the Turban Girls (Rise with Faith: Stories of Miracles and Majesty)

"From Sick to Healed" is an endearing story of hope and miracles that follows the journey of a brave girl named Stacy, who faces the daunting challenge of leukemia. Through her unwavering faith in Jesus and the power of prayer, she experiences the miraculous healing power of God.

This touching story not only illustrates Stacy's resilience but also highlights the profound impact of friendship as she shares her faith and teaches her friend, Naomi, the love of God for them and the wonders of prayer. Witness the transformative power of God as Stacy and Naomi overcome illness through their unyielding trust in Jesus.

🌟 Experience the inspiring journey of Stacy and Naomi's miraculous healing.
🌟 Discover the incredible strength found in faith and friendship.
🌟 Embrace the message of hope and the power of God through prayer for children and families facing challenges.

Join Stacy and Naomi on their incredible journey and learn the invaluable lesson that Jesus still performs miracles, even today!